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The Arrival Of Rainbow Children: Who Are They And How Are They Changing The World

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by Conscious Reminder

Rainbow children are individuals who have infinite wisdom and the power to permanently change their surrounding environment.

They carry with them infinite patience, tolerance, compassion, and love. They are usually highly intuitive and sensitive.

The Leaders That Are Rainbow Children

Presently, our world does not only have rainbow children. It also has extremely loving and intuitively talented individuals in all age groups: adults, youth, teenagers, and children.

The coming of such rainbow children has been long-awaited by our ancestors. Their presence, joy, and brightness can cross and dispel this world’s shadow. They are different from indigo children, who carry inadequacy or absorb negativity. The souls of rainbow children are filled with compassion, without any hint of heavy Karma.

These children are called Rainbows because they do not belong to any single race or walk of life. Additionally, they help in shifting consciousness. They know extraordinarily well about what is wrong and right, and the methods of transforming and changing energy.

The First Arrivals: The Indigos

Indigo children are those that brought about new eras. They possess extraordinary intuition but surrounding negativity can easily influence them. Compared to them, rainbow children modify their surrounding energy to meet humanity’s greatest needs.

Indigos are evolving and becoming rainbows. Adults also have the ability to become rainbows by practicing their intuition. This transformation is achievable by becoming accepting, adaptable, extremely affectionate, and remembering skills that are already possessed.

Rainbow Children Powers Include Healing, Empathy, And Sensitivity

Normally, a rainbow child will possess mediumistic sensitivity and healing gifts that are far more developed compared to the average person. They are also deeply connected with animals and nature. This is due to their natural condition: which is exchanging energies between them and the environment. They also carry healing therapies and wisdom.

The colors of the rainbow are connected with happiness and smiles. This is because our bodies are naturally designed to assimilate and absorb the rainbow’s energy via sunlight. All of us carry a rainbow within ourselves that is the Chakras.

A rainbow child’s heart is completely open. They love unconditionally while healing with their huge heart chakras. They envelop the world with their rainbow energy.

Rainbow children can be thought of as angels on the physical plane. As such, we are currently approaching some fascinating times as these rainbows mature and become a greater part of the planet’s population. They bring with them an era of healing, great peace, and cooperation where rainbow energy will envelop the Earth.

The Indigo And Crystal Children

Indigos are believed to be artistic, hyperactive, intelligent, and rebellious. Parents usually find them to be the most complicated out of all their children. They are also the ones with the most questions.

Their purpose was to help the Earth during an important period of trials and atonements.  Their purpose was to bring about a spiritual revolution while preparing for energy regeneration.

Crystals are mighty with telepathic capacity. As such, they often speak later compared to other children. Their world is typically filled with spiritual wisdom, love, and more straightforward.

They are uncomfortable when there is malice, absence of empathy, and pollution. As such, their purpose is to modify the energy vibrations of the planet. Their mission is to help in the regeneration of energy and instill kindness and love in where they are needed.

Both crystal and indigo children often have anxiety and attention deficit and are medically treated for them. But that is never meant to work, and it truly does not.

The Crystals’ And Indigos’ Ideal World

For them to be completely comfortable, the world has to be full of freedom. They are believed to be revolutionaries of love and wisdom. They are manifestations of goodness and peace, regardless of whether they have to confront the entire system.  

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