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How Wisdom Has The Power To Transform?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Wisdom is always seen as an outside aspect which can only be admired in old souls and perhaps never acquired by ourselves.

We think of wisdom as the ability to avoid unnecessary drama and somehow we feel that wisdom is only for those who have seen a lot, we on the other hand will have to continuously make mistakes because the wisdom of others rarely seems our to use. And so we tread on blindly into the fire, hoping for our own time to come.

But wisdom is not some passive knowledge to be brought into play after high contemplation. It is an active attribute which needs to be practiced daily.

And for doing so we need to look within ourselves and pursue our problems so as to transform them into solutions.

We are complete in ourselves. We don’t need any more aspects added to our own. Our manifestation is complete in itself. We are our own core.

And don’t need anything from outside to make ourselves more viable.  Everything we need to change ourselves is right there, inside us. We just need to focus on our core.

Take a really deep breath and think about the most pressing problem which you’re facing. Try to envision it, and bring it in front of yourself. Think about it enough so that it appears you can simply reach out and touch it.

Try plucking this out of the thin air and hold it in your hands. Think of it as if it’s trapped inside a crystal ball and you’re spinning it slowly. When you revolve it like that, you’d be able to see all the facets and aspects of the problem.

You will also be able to see what circumstances lead to the problem. You would also see the lessons that you have been learning thanks to this particular challenge. When you speak them out loud, you’d be able to feel the energy they bring.

Breathe into it. Feel that you’re in charge. Your consciousness and your wisdom are actively changing a challenge into fresh breath of air, because you understand every aspect of it, and it no longer holds power over you.

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