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Your Twin Flame’s Personal Battles Help You Grow

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In the course of life, it is bound to happen that your twin flame is doing something that you do not approve of and it is apparent to you that it is not the right thing to do but your twin flame just cannot see it.

It is no lie that some of you are going through a tough time; through pain and frustration but you must remember that these things are a part of the journey that you are making.

We choose to incarnate on Earth with the sole purpose to grow spiritually, and believe it or not but the tool we have been provided with to help us grow is our own EGO.

You may see your twin flame going in circles, running from their truth, dating other women/men, drinking, taking drugs, moving to a different county and basically doing anything and everything they can to avoid facing themselves.

The important thing to remember here is that you actually do want your twin to go through these things; not because you want them to suffer, but because you want them to learn and these things will also help them grow.

It is almost wrong for you to go out of your way to stop them from going through these things because these are lessons that your twin must learn to grow and mature.

Do not put up a fight as these tough times are what will grant your twin with more intensity to love and be one with you.

The Universe seems unfair and out of line but you must not forget that the Universe knows you and your twin and will give your twin only as much as they can take and not an ounce more.

The Union between you and your twin would not hold the amount of meaning and intensity as it does if all of it was a cakewalk. You must let the tough times pass and endure to make your Union more powerful.

Therefore, these struggles and pain is helping your twin flame and yourself to grow, to be stronger and find yourself truly evolved when you have braved all of this.

The love that you both are being led to is worth all of this.

Art by: Andreea Alexandra Stela Juduc (@andreea.alexandra.stela.juduc) • Instagram photos and videos

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