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Can Cats & Dogs See Spirits? Science Suggests They See Frequencies Humans Can’t

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by Alanna Ketler

If you are a cat owner, you’re probably familiar with them staring at something with such intent, wonder, concern, excitement, they may sneak around or they may just stand there with wide eyes staring at something that is not there… or is it?

Dogs will sometimes growl or bark or jumped up from being spooked by something that is, to us, perceivably not even there. It seems that cats and dogs have this ability to tune into something that only they, and maybe other members of the animal kingdom, can see that we cannot.

For a long time it was believed that cats and other animals could not see UV rays, but a study conducted by biologists at City University London is having scientists question this previous assumption. The study shows how cats, dogs, and other animals seem to actually see in UV light – this type of light is the wavelength that is beyond the visible light from red to violet that humans are capable of seeing.

This could also potentially represent auras, the energetic fields that are surrounding us, our hearts and our entire being. Sometimes animals are more reserved when it comes to certain people, perhaps this is because they can sense what they are emanating and don’t feel drawn to that energy.

According to Pet MD,

“Have you ever felt that your cat or dog can see something you don’t? Well, you may be right, according to a new study. Cats, dogs, and other mammals are thought to see in ultraviolet light, which opens up a whole different world than the one we see, the study explains.

UV light is the wavelength beyond the visible light from red to violet that humans can see. Humans have a lens that blocks UV from reaching the retina. It was previously thought that most mammals have lenses similar to humans.

Scientists studied the lenses of dead mammals, including cats, dogs, monkeys, pandas, hedgehogs, and ferrets. By researching how much light passes through the lens to reach the retina, they concluded that some mammals previously thought not to be able to see UV actually can.”

Check out the video below for more information about the study,

What Are They Seeing?

This is the million-dollar question, if only we could just turn to our furry friends and ask them, “what on earth, or off earth rather, are you seeing?” I mean you can ask them that, but there is a good chance they won’t be able to answer you back. Many people feel that there is something spiritually significant about cats and I have heard before that they actually produce more dimethyl-tryptamine (DMT) in their brains.

DMT resides in an area of our brain called our pineal gland and is released in small amounts when we dream and is believed to be released at the moment of death. Many people consider this gland and the DMT that is released, the gateway to the afterlife.

Having a larger amount of this chemical in their brains opens the potential that cats are in a sort of, dream-like state most of the time and more tapped into the world that is all around us that we can’t or don’t really get to see because of where our consciousness is focused in this reality at this time.

That is pure speculation, mind you, and I have had a difficult time trying to back this up with any real scientific evidence. I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t feel this is the same for dogs.

There have been a number of studies carried out on the senses of dogs, and we have seen that many service trained dogs have the ability to sense when their owner is about to have a seizure, or can even detect cancer and other illness within the body, surely that means they are more in tune to something that we generally are not.

Final Thoughts

It seems that our animal companions are able to tune into something that goes beyond our five senses, maybe we can learn something from their presence and intrigue. Perhaps we all have this ability too, but it is just turned off or blocked because we are focussed and grounded in this reality that we see in front of us every day.

There are people who claim to be able to have this type of sense as well, but again these things are difficult for science to back up, which certainly doesn’t mean that it’s not real or possible.

I strongly believe that we all have these capabilities and we can tap into them through practice, trust and living from the heart. It’s like intuition, it’s completely unexplainable, but it’s a very real and often helpful sense that science can’t actually explain.

Much love

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