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Reconnecting With Nature When You Work 9-To-5

by consciousreminder
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by Ainsley Lawrence,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

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Have you ever sat near a window while you worked on a beautiful day and wished you could get out there to feel the glory of nature?

If this describes you, it’s time to stop daydreaming and try to get away from your desk and get outdoors. There are many perks to being outside, and getting out could also help your work and your team’s productivity.

Why Getting Out Is So Important

It’s a wise idea to get outside as often as possible, even for a few minutes at a time. Spending more time outdoors has been linked to reduced stress and greater overall happiness. So take a walk outside. If there’s a nearby park, explore it. Your activities also don’t have to be related to exercise – gardening and getting into photography are other ways to enjoy nature.

When you’re at work, the stress of unending projects can put you on edge and make it possible to get angry and hold grudges against coworkers who you think have it out for you. Nature can change your mindset too

Even the simple act of walking through and around nature can begin to heal your soul and mind. Being amongst the greenery of plants and trees brings us to a more natural place where we can be with our thoughts and our stresses begin to melt away.

You can learn from plants and wildlife and see how the world’s organisms have a way of letting things go, like the snake shedding its skin. You can put things into perspective when you’re outside, and once you’ve stopped sweating the small stuff, you can go back into the office with a renewed sense of self.

Get Your Team Outside

So now, you know that getting outside is essential, but how do you accomplish your outdoor ambitions when you work 9-to-5? Well, if you’re a manager, you can schedule time and use it for the good of the company. There are countless team-building activities you can do away from the office, from local events to all-out nature adventures. Basically, anything you do together is great. Even if you aren’t completing an advanced obstacle course, if you’re all outside while talking and bonding, then that comradery can carry over into the office.

Group activities can be as simple as taking an afternoon off of work to walk through an outdoor farmer’s market or attend a festival in the park. If the company allows it and the correct waivers are signed, you could even go all out and try white river rafting or take a long hike up to the tallest point in your state. By reaching the end of the course or the top of the mountain as a team, your staff will be filled with pride and create memories that will last forever.

Another idea is to find an activity to help your team learn how to engage with the environment while helping your community. Consider volunteering for conservation projects in the city, like picking up the garbage at a local park or working at a community garden. The larger the task, the more accomplished the team will be, and the fact that employees can accomplish a goal while being outdoors is priceless.

Take a Well-Deserved Vacation

When your work leaves you almost no chance to get outside during the day, take advantage of your well-deserved vacation time. Go take a trip from your bucket list. When you do, go somewhere new or exotic and see all of the splendor of nature. Vacation is a great time to practice positive lifestyle changes that will improve your life as you age.

Once you’ve done Hawaii and Tahiti, try something new and visit the many places around the globe that are ideal for nature lovers. For some people, the sight of massive mountains and sweeping canyons is what lights their fire, and if that’s the case for you, then visit Boulder, Colorado. If you love the idea of picturesque foothills and gorgeous waterfalls, check out Eugene, Oregon. Those who love the sea and surf can sit by the vast and impressive ocean in Key West, Florida. The sky’s the limit, so choose a place and enjoy nature in its full glory.

Take Advantage Of Break Time

If team building activities outside of the office aren’t a reality, then employees should at least try to get out of the office for at least a few minutes during the day to get some fresh air. Instead of hanging out in the cafeteria during lunch with your face glued to Facebook or the latest YouTube video, take the opportunity to get outside. Addiction to screens and an obsession with social media can eventually leave you mentally drained and even lead to depression. So, make it a rule to avoid screens during your break and get outside to…

  • Ride your bike;
  • Take a brisk walk around the block;
  • Sunbathe on a park bench.

You can reconnect with nature in many ways, even if you feel like you’re always in the office while chained to your desk. Consider these tips and fun activities and get the fresh air you deserve.

About the Author: Ainsley Lawrence is a freelance writer with an interest in balanced living through education and technology. She loves travelling to beautiful places and is frequently lost in a good book.

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