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Partial Solar Eclipse At 27º Aquarius On February 15th, 2018 ∼ Positive Change On The Way

by Conscious Reminder

The 15th of this month will see a partial solar eclipse which will occur at an angle of 27° to Aquarius. It has a lot of far reaching inclinations, including topics of relationships, female health and the likes. This is because the eclipse would be joined by two asteroids namely Juno and Hygeia. 


A new moon occurs when the moon is starting on its new cycle. Solar eclipse happens when the moon comes in between the earth and the Sun while going through this change. However the February eclipse is not going to be a full eclipse and therefore the moon will only hide a part of the Sun. In terms of influence, it’s more important to know that an eclipse greatly increases the impact of a new moon, as the effects of new moon only last up to 4 weeks whereas that of a solar eclipse lasts for 6 months.

This is a time for renewal and you can optimize it by starting afresh at your job, home and other commitments. Sun conjuncts Moon implies that everything is possible and nothing is out of reach for you.


This eclipse is occurring very close to Mercury and therefore brings with it a free flow if communication and ideas. It is also going to be in the vicinity of two asteroids, Juno and Hygeia.


The first conjunct this eclipse forms is with Mercury. Mercury is all about rationality and logical thinking. Mercury supports adaptability to change and curiosity. When you share ideas and information you enhance your knowledge. Everywhere you look is an opportunity to learn and expand your consciousness, conversations with coworkers, news of the day and what not. It is a good time to put your thoughts out there, be it in the form of a blog post or a book.

The solar eclipse also conjuncts Juno, which means an increased frequency on the topic of union, especially marriage. Juno is also related to female reproductivity and these would be major topics of discussion.

Eclipse conjunction with Hygeia, means that topics of hygiene and overall health will also be in abundance. Hygeia represents anything related to health, be it worry over the health of your family or the fear of going to the dentist.


  • Solar eclipse sextile Uranus means that expressing concerns and putting forward thought processes would be a simple and uncomplicated affair. The discussions which we have already mentioned are bound to happen, talks about marriage, women’s health and union would be common and the best thing is they’d be done with an open mind and frankness. People will also be able to choose their own way of living without worrying much about the opinions of others. Taboo topics such as genital mutilation and problems of conventional family structure will also find voice.
  • The eclipse will also square Jupiter which means the changes brought on by Uranus will also be applicable to your personal life. This is a great time for change for you but you have to be mindful of the others around you. No drastic change in your own life should affect others.
  • Venus sextile Saturn would make you crave partnership, that too more of a romantic nature. You would either look for reassurance in your old relationships or look out for new ones.
  • Mars square Neptune however advises you to not become too blind in love. Be cautious against cheating and betrayal. The presence of Juno during an eclipse means that the danger towards reproductive health should be taken seriously.
  • Jupiter sextile Pluto, will bring positive change in your life. You’d be driven to make changes in your life and fate will also provide you with the chance to make these changes possible.

In conclusion, this eclipse is a great time to bring healthy changes in your life and to educate yourself in more topics.

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