Venus In Virgo Will Stir The Energies This Week

by Conscious Reminder

Venus will be downshifting into Virgo, the virtuous sign, on 21st July.

So fashion and love will be going back to the Victorian ages. So pack up the cameo pin and the lace fan. It is time to be much more modest.

Restraint and modesty will be in fashion until 16th August, as Venus, the romance and beauty planet remains in the domain of the Virgin. The unrestrained vibes of the previous four weeks will be harshly interrupted by this transit.

Since 27th June, Venus was flipping her hair while in Leo. Mars was also there singing a bawdy duet. There may have been many memories written in your diaries.

A Tamer Time For The Next Month

However, the next four weeks will be much tamer. It is time to enjoy the simple acts of affection: a genuine embrace’s warmth, or the radiant glow of a loving face. Venus will also be sprinkling green, clean fairy dust. So being sexy means being healthy.

The simplified cycle stands for analog and traditional loving. Try mailing a paper love letter, instead of an online text. Have a conversation on the phone.

Everything has to do with your personal touch, now. Another reason for keeping logic close to your heart will be 22nd July. On that day Benefics, Jupiter and Venus will be arguing. This situation is infamous for creating a POV that is too optimistic.

But Venus will not be completely subdued this week. On 23rd July, the Sun will start its yearly walk on the catwalk of Leo. The solar cycle’s starting note will be competitive as Mars is also in Leo (till 29th July). The solar cycle will last a month, till 22nd August. You may find new ways of making your mark in life.

But shamelessly self-promoting might not be the best idea for this year. With Leo’s party being tempered by planets of Virgo, doing a noble service for the world would be a better approach.

Imagine yourself to be a royal full of benevolence. Think about the ways you could share what you have. Of course, after the benefits are made clear to the others, you may look to get something in return.

Time To Aid The World Around You

On 23rd July, the Aquarius Full Moon will bring a shower of unicorns and rainbows. The offerings will be doubled since there will be another Aquarius Full Moon on 22nd August. This means two times the motivation for innovatively approaching everything.

You will be slowly transitioning away from the normcore. At that moment, embrace Aquarius’ beautiful paradox: being simultaneously collaborative and individualistic. Dream teams do not always have players who wear the same jersey.

Remember that if you are planning to make a cast filled with all-stars. Rather than an all-star team, a motley crew’s combined efforts can get the standing ovation for the summer.

This full moon is also technologically proficient. So the realm of the virtual can see some powerful synergies influencing it. After logging in, search for the squad that matches your soul. Or you can choose a class to brush up on your digital skills such as digital marketing or coding.

Activism will also be heating up under the influence of the humanitarian lunar boost. The influence will be screaming about how power belongs to the people. This may mean some local community cleanup or a change that has global repercussions.

There is nothing like a small good deed. But why not take the chance to see how much you can do when you try? The energies supporting it will be there.    

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