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Numerology Comes In Handy When Choosing Your Baby’s Name

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by Conscious Reminder

Helpful tips for naming your baby

All new parents go through the process of tossing and turning every night while trying to figure out what to call their kid. They go through tons of books on baby names, scour the internet and look to numerology for help. They’re not sure whether to go by their emotions or make a logical decision. But in the end, all parents want whatever would work best of their child.

My take on finding the right name

I believe that it is important for the couple to have faith in themselves when trying to find a name. While they should be going through physical lists and websites, a name will call to them only if they truly believe that they will find one.Besides the conventional sources of names, parents can look just about anywhere. The name of a road or a shop or of a fictional character are all very real possibilities.

Once the parent fixes on a name, they can find out whether the name is suitable by checking the kind of frequency it vibrates at and what the baby feels about it. In the end, when the name is spoken, it will be the baby who will let you know if that is the right name.

The role of karma in a baby’s name

As a parent, you have to understand that no matter what you call your child, it just might turn out that nobody actually refers to them by their given name. A pet name will stick, even if it is completely different from the actual name, and everybody will start using that.

Karma plays a role in the naming of every baby and it affects everyone who interacts with the baby. As a parent, you might want your child to be extroverted and excited but you in turn need to ensure that you are watchful, understanding and quick on your feet. It is extremely important to let children discover their true selves, though they might not be the person you want them to be. Accept them for who they are and let them make their own music.

The importance of the Growth Number

This is the growth personality number that can be determined by the name of the child. The sum of all the numbers in the first name gives you this and this total will show you the kind of growth the child will attain.

The vibration of “whatever” name you are commonly referred to will indeed have an impact on your life. But you need to remember that YOU chose your birth name so the first name on your birth certificate holds the growth number and was strategically placed as the first name to be a large influence as your growth number.

By adding together all of the letters in your first name and then reducing it to a single digit, we find the Growth Number. Your Growth number holds a significant value in your birth chart but it is not felt as significantly as your four core numbers. Take each letter in your first name and assign the appropriate number to it. Then add the digits all together. Reduce this number to a single digit. If the number adds up to 11, 22 or 33 you will leave it as a whole number. 

Here’s a picture of the Pythagorean alphabet  that will help you do the ‘math’: 

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