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Your Instincts May Not Predict The Future But They Can Set You On The Right Path

by consciousreminder

by Conscious Reminder

In recent times, there are many articles that tell you to listen to your gut. It is an ancient wisdom that has been passed on to us for centuries.

Many philosophers and sages have mentioned that we are the carriers of ancient wisdom. All we need to do is look within, tap into this ancient truth and shape our lives. The truth that we carry within us can give us a glimpse of the future.

Many people believe this wisdom and science has proved it too. Research shows that there is an interconnectedness with our body and our brain and this exhibits itself in the form of a gut instinct.

It is something that might come to you before logic arrives. It is like a second brain. Since the brain and our body are interconnected, the gastrointestinal functions have better recall power than the actual brain. Hence, it is mostly correct.

But then, the gut is not psychic.

If you think that your gut is psychic, you are likely to get a bit of anxiety. It might be the reason why anxiety is on the rise among young adults.

Following your heart and finding your soul – everything, according to many articles, is related to your gut instinct. It is always directing your life towards a bright future.

Let’s look at how gut instincts work. Are you using your gut instincts to respond to someone or is it to respond to an idea? Are you sure it’s not just a reaction? Is it just random feeling happening to you right now?

The thing is the gut instincts are mostly quiet. Its voice is barely heard. It does not panic or scream out. Nor does it push adrenaline down your veins.

It just gives you clarity when you are going through dark times. It just wants you to be ok. While your imagination exaggerates small things, your gut instincts try to calm you.

But as you can see, gut instincts are not always feelings. They are mostly responses.

If you are talking to someone and feel exhausted after talking to them, then, it’s your gut instincts that is responding to the negative vibes.

If you work in a job that exhausts you and makes you feel at a hellish place, then that’s your gut response. Instinct is not the feeling of sadness – it is about getting out of a tough or draining situation.

Your feelings are valid but then, they may not be the truth. They are real for you, but that is the reality that you set up. Your gut instinct is responding to that reality – it is responding to your thoughts.

When you are attracted to something naturally that is instinct. When you are moving away from something naturally, that is instinct too. It’s not the feeling but the response.

So, when people say that they are crafting a love story using their instinctual guidance, it means that their instincts responded positively to certain events and made them feel better at it.

Your instinct can make you come in front of an art piece, though you may dislike it or be uncomfortable by what you see. It can even help in maintaining your relationship.

Instinct does not want to give you the feels. It just shows you where you can direct your interest.

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Tiri Alero Asiodu October 7, 2019 - 9:18 pm

Beautiful. Awesome. I would like to know more.

Tiri Alero Asiodu October 7, 2019 - 9:20 pm

I would like to hear from you..


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