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What’s Your Zodiac Angel? Star Signs And The Archangels Connected To Them

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by Conscious Reminder

Mostly we are all aware of which zodiac sign we belong under and some of what that entails.

An exciting work by Doreen Virtue and Yasmin Boland, practitioners of angel therapy and astrology respectively, reveal to us how the zodiac is interlinked with archangels and which celestial entity each sign can call to when in need of assistance. This knowledge will also increase your self-awareness.

Aries – Ariel

The sign of springtime is fittingly paired with the archangel of nature. Ariel comes to those who wish to bring their plans to fruition and so you can call to him when you are having trouble fulfilling your aims.

Gemini – Zadkiel

The fickle, flirtatious sign can call to the angel who teaches us how to forgive. Gemini might have trouble forging deep bonds with others and in this Zadkier can assist by helping them connect with their own emotions first.

Cancer – Gabriel

Both are connected to parenthood and Gabriel is your angel to go to if you need help conceiving. Cancers are generally excellent with their finances and Gabriel only makes them better at making money, especially if they are in the creative field.

Leo – Raziel

Dramatic and extravagant, Leos are perfect for Raziel, an archangel known for flamboyance. While it’s always a party around a Leo, many people find their ego to be a turn off. Raziel helps control over confidence and mend relationships both of which are essential for Leos.

Virgo – Metatron

The angel of healing and purification, Metatron can channel a Virgo’s talent for facing whatever goes wrong head one and transform that into positivity. When you have a complicated question to figure out, Metatron will show you the right path.

Libra – Jophiel

Living in a whirlwind can be exhausting and Libras are always trying to be balanced. This is where Jophiel helps them. He helps by cleaning out all the useless trash be it external or internal that prevent you from reaching the heights you wish you to reach.

Scorpio – Jeremiel

Connected to reincarnation and death, Scorpio is the most passionate of all the signs. Jeremiel is the archangel who reminds us that we all have darkness and light within us and it is essential that we are aware of where we stand. It is hard for Scorpios to move past old resentments and Jeremiel can help them in this regard.

Sagittarius – Raguel

The most social of all the archangels, Raguel exudes warmth and friendliness. Sagittarians are chatty and laid back and Raguel can curb their exaggerated behavior. He is the archangel to call to if you wish to rekindle the flames of an old relationship or cut off a budding one.

Capricorn – Azrael

The angel who assists souls in their transition to the afterlife, he also helps us face our own difficult emotions. He is important for Capricorns because they are so rational they often fail to remember that they are human beings with feelings. He keeps them grounded when they most need it.

Aquarius – Uriel

The wisdom of Uriel is infinite and so he is associated with Aquarians who are more concerned with their minds than their hearts. When you’re having trouble connecting with your own feelings, Uriel will guide you.

Taurus – Chamuel

A finder of long things, Chamuel helps those who are on their own search. Be it a job, a partner or even just your laptop, you can call to Chamuel and he will point you to the right road.

Pisces – Sandalphon

Dreams, romance and mystery are the elements that are associated with Pisces and who are ruled by the sign make great musicians. Fittingly, Sandalphon is the archangel of all things musical. He will help you with your creativity and his communications come in the form of music.

When you wish to call to any of the archangels, simply light a candle and spend a few minutes concentrating on what you are looking for. Even if you cannot do this, just mentally ask the archangel for assistance and keep an eye out for the messages that they send.

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