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Chinese New Year Is Around The Corner: This Is What To Expect From The Year Of The Dog, February 16th

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by Conscious Reminder

The Chinese calendar is different from that of the West and so is their zodiac. For example, like Westerners determine their zodiac by their month of birth, the Chinese determine it by the year of birth. So there are years of (for example) boars, roosters, dragons, dogs, snakes etc.

There are 12 signs in their zodiac system as well and the dog is the 11th sign in it.  2018 happens to be a year of the dog. Like all other zodiacs in the Chinese system, it occurs every 12 years. This year its rule begins from February 16th, and will be over on February 4th, 2019. All of the zodiacs are also associated with one of the elements found in nature: metal, earth, water, wood and fire. Your Chinese birth chart, depending on the year you were born in, would be affected by/associated with one of these elements.

For example, 2018, is the year of the Earth-Dog.

Read on to find out what it means, for “dogs” and “non-dog”.

1. For Earth-Dogs

One would think that it would be easier for the sign in the years of the sign; but it is not always so. This means that the individuals will have to work very, very hard to get what they want in life. They are however blessed with a strong sense of justice and can discern between good and evil better than others. So that ability will help. Perseverance and resistance will help you in your life this year and success will be closer if you are willing to fight for it.

2. Wood for the gold

They are karma personified, these Wood-dogs. They are patient and loyal and surely repay people who were kind to them and instrumental for their success. Similarly they make it a point to give their enemies/rivals a run for their money and enmity. This year, these individuals will find a way to succeed through their tit-for-tat attitude towards life. They give everyone including themselves their just desserts.

3. Swimming against the current is what water-dogs are known for

They are more like salmons (?) in this regard. They know when the current is ideal for their needs and when it is not right for them. When it’s not they can show the required courage needed to swim against the flow; they can go against people’s expectations and still come out on top after the hurly-burly’s done. They always manage to garner a life of abundance and prosperity. Their strong sense of finances and ability to be thrifty when the situation needs them to be, makes them go all the way in a contest-like scenario.

4. Dreaming with a fiery flare

Fire-dogs are blessed with a wonderful imagination and a particular flair to stay focussed on their ideas and dreams.  The years of the Earth-Dogs give them a particular sense of grounded-in-reality-ness; their dreams and notions become more and more solidified and practical. Consequently they become better romantic and more passionate partners.

5. It’s going to rain for the metal-dogs

This is the time when there is a possibility of unexpected expenses and debts for the metal-dogs. On the contrary, if you plan on paying your old debts off, try and do so now; that is make it an extra expense. Start 2019 on a fresh tab.

6. Non-dogs

There will be abundance for those who will work for it. But all in all, the year will be kind on you.

Artwork by Thailan When– Thailanwhen.com

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