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Today Aries Full Moon Conjunct Chiron Retrograde: Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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by Conscious Reminder

The September 24th Aries Full Moon is going to make things a little difficult for you. Since it conjoins Chiron Rx, you will go through an event which will reveal a raw nerve, for which you will need to gather some courage, in order to move on.

The Moon will be squaring Saturn and will be in conjunct with Vesta in Capricorn which signifies that you will be put under enforced limits, and there will be rules within which you would have to work and take decisions. Of course, being an Aries, it will feel terrible to be forced into any kind of limitation.

Also, since there is the presence of a Chiron/Saturn/Vesta square, there will be unavoidable responsibilities that will put you in an uncomfortable position, but there will not be much you will be able to do about it. The Sun will also make a sharp inconjunct to Uranus Rx in Taurus and this movement suggests that there will be a disturbance that can bewilder the Libras amongst us. 

Light at the end of Tunnel

However, not all the news is bad. There are a lot of positive things that can come out of this astronomic configuration. This can be properly noticed in the position of the Sun and Mercury, which trine Mars, the South Node and Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius and in the position of the Moon and Chiron trine, the Leo North Node.

These are balanced configurations that would reflect in your personal lives. Whatever you go through, whatever happens, you will have the courage to move forward despite of any hardship you face during this period. Mars will have your back and will empower you to move forward.

The presence of the Black Moon Lilith gives you the assurance that there will be a powering up of true mutinous energy – anything that you are cast into will make you more grounded and powerful. The positions in the North Node show that you can transmute all the discomfort and pain of this experience into something positive that will make you proud and fulfilled. 

Yes, you can come out of this and you will be so much stronger than you were before.

However, on the day following the Full Moon, Chiron Rx will return to Pisces. Your past will resurface and you might find yourself in a painful situation. You will look back into certain matters of forgiveness or expect forgiveness and other such things that have not been resolved yet. Until February 2019, Chiron Rx will be temporarily distant from Aries and this will allow you to recover some of the strength that you may have lost during your painful experience. There will be a positive space of time for you to meditate and gain back some of your lost energy.

In the charts, there is a blue rectangle consisting of two sextiles and two trines which connect four planets. This is a ‘Mystic Rectangle’.It shows a harmony in the configuration of points on the Node but there is also the presence of two oppositions within the rectangle. It signifies both challenging and the harmonious aspects present within the configuration, but that is nothing to be disheartened about!

Now is the best time to get creative with your work – challenges will push you towards success and the harmony will direct you without making you fall apart under pressure. This time will be the best for growth and becoming more experienced in the work you are engaged in as you may end up perfecting it.

The point all of it leads to.

But after all is said and done, the choice remains with you. Chiron can mess with your life for a little while. However, you can always tap into your Leo North Node which contains aspects of pride, power, confidence and creativity, and see where it takes you. What does the chart say about this node? There’s hope at the end.

It is clear that the Moon and Chiron interaction is just the impetus- necessary for you to move and reach the Leo North Node. Mars, BML and the South Node are all trying to power you up and drive you to the North Node. So yes, you will have a tough time during the journey but remain hopeful because everything is happening for your own good. 

Despite all the challenging aspects of this prediction, you will come out as a new person at the end of it. So be strong and push on. You will do great!

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