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The 3 Stages Of Spiritual Unfolding And Why Many Get Stuck In Stage 1

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Spiritual unfolding is a process where our souls grow, increase, expand, and become.

Having enough knowledge of our spiritual unfolding is important in knowing the purpose of our existence; why we are here; and what we have signed up for before coming here.

If you want to know what stage your soul is, read on these 3 stages of spiritual unfolding and find out what makes people get stuck in the first stage.

The 3 Stages of Spiritual Unfolding:

Stage 1 – Beliefs

Most people, if not all, stand for what they believe in.

A belief system is defined as a set of principles which together form the basis of a religion, philosophy, or moral code. These beliefs could include magical beliefs, mythic beliefs, rational beliefs, scientific beliefs, and others.

A magical belief makes us believe that we can affect the physical world and the lives of others through the power of our intentions, which is mostly governed by our egos.

As such, Kid’s TV shows are created with these – having superheroes fly, travel faster with a speed of light, heal others, and even bring people back to life from death.

New Age fads promise us to draw upon the power of intention and the law of attraction by manifesting into our lives the things we want.

The stronger our belief, the higher the possibility of making the things we want magically appear. What we need is only a focused intention.

However, these efforts may be worthy in itself, yet unable to bring us measurable effects. We still find ourselves not too powerful to affect the world or the universe.

This is because our intention is ego-based.

Mythic beliefs is delegating authority for manifesting our requests or prayers to God, Jesus, Saints, sages, deities, spirits, or Angels.

We can receive support from metaphysical books, seminars, workshops, or even organized religion.

But, it’s still a belief we hold that if we pray hard enough, or do any ritual hard enough, the “creator” and deities  who have ultimate power over us will be persuaded to serve us.

All these beliefs may serve us in the short term but couldn’t change our lives in the long run. These belief systems are at best a mental phenomena or collective thought-forms having strong emotional sentiments attached to them.

We may continually embrace these belief systems, yet it could not change our present level of consciousness. No matter how many decades we practice them, nothing ever changes in our lives.

Stage 2 – Faith

Faith is another sustainer. It can lead us to either going back to our old belief system, or lead us to transcendence.

Fundamentalism that includes the whole “born again” phenomenon is an example of spiraling back to the old belief system.

Despite its fervor and intention, fundamentalism doesn’t bring the believer into connection to that which they are seeking. All because salvation lies in the opposite direction.

But when faith is exercised rightly, we are able to transcend our self-serving and self-limiting magical and mythic beliefs.

We will be led forward to the third stage, which is direct experience.

Stage 3 – Direct Experience

Direct experience is a direct connection, having the power to engage in authentic transpersonal experiences. It has nothing to do with our mental constructs of gods or goddesses or Angels.

At this stage, we discover the real archetypes in their etheric nature that may take a form meaningful to the one with whom they have come into a relationship.

Or, they may reveal themselves as they really are, formless, and beyond the light.

In this stage we expand beyond our personal self, beyond the mythical thought forms we want to hear. This is a learned skill that could be improved through practice and immersion in our deepest self and in nature.

Here, we have gone beyond the belief systems and have direct, transpersonal connection with the sacred realms that defines the mystic.

With our spiritual maturity, we continually receive the pieces of the puzzle that help us understand and become aware of our communion with the Infinite, which will ultimately lead us to the fourth stage of our spiritual unfolding: Personal Transformation.

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