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Above And Beyond Chinese New Year 2018: Who Let The Dog Out!

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“The signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver.”

~Edgar Cayce

How has the world changed from one animal to another in the past three years? And, if 2018 is going to a Dog like President Donald Trump, is that a good or a bad thing? Yup! “The Donald” is a real “Fire Dog.”

The annual Chinese New Year holiday, also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival is represented by a zodiac animal on the lunar-solar Chinese calendar. As China ushers out 2017 as the Year of the Rooster, citizens are readying to welcome 2018 as the ACTION Year of the Dog. However, you may be surprised to know it is not just any Dog.

With the heralding in of the Brown Earth Dog on Friday, February 16, the festivities will be in full swing until the Spring Lantern Festival on March 2nd.

So, it is official. The year 2018 is going to the Dog.

However, before we take a closer look at our new puppy, or run headfirst like a pack of hungry mutts into the 2018 celebration let us glance back one more time at our last two animal years of yore; the righteous but bombastic Red Rooster who symbolized a new day dawning, and that cheeky little Red Fiery Monkey who was so much a part of the birth of America.

Each Chinese New Year is represented by a zodiac animal on the lunar-solar Chinese calendar and each animal also consists of one of the five earth elements. Before China ushered out the Red Rooster born Sunday, January 15, 2017, it returned the Red Fire Monkey, born February 4, 2016, to its symbolic Earth Branches in the Treetops of Time.

How is a Monkey important to America?  

According to the Cosmic Convergence Research Group, America the Beautiful was born in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, which began this century on February 8, 2016. The Chinese Year of the Red Fire Monkey occurs every 60 years and only once every 240 years when Pluto is transiting Capricorn, as it was during the birth of the American Republic in the year 1776.

Since the Rooster will be freed February 15th let’s take a closer look at his feathered traits.

China Highlights claims there are five types of Roosters with very different characteristics:

Wood- born 1945 and 2005 is energetic, overconfident, tender, and unstable

Earth- born 1909 and 1969 is lovely, generous, trustworthy, and popular with friends

Gold- born 1921and 1981 is determined, brave, perseverant, and hardworking

Water- born 1933 and 1993 is smart, quick-witted, tenderhearted, and compassionate

Fire- born 1957 and 2017 is trustworthy, responsible, with a strong sense of timekeeping

Here are some of the world’s most famous Roosters. Decide if you think the personality fits.

  • Bob Marley (born 6 February 1945), a Wood Rooster
  • Jennifer Lopez (born July 24, 1969), an Earth Rooster
  • Britney Spears (born December 2, 1981), a Gold Rooster
  • Yoko Ono (born February 18, 1933), a Water Rooster
  • Martin Luther King III, (born October 23, 1957), a Red Rooster

According to China Highlights there are also 5 different types of Dogs with very different personalities. 2018 is the year of the seriously responsible and communicative Brown Earth Dog.

Wood- born 1934 and 1994 is sincere, reliable, and patient

Earth- born 1958 and 2018 is communicative, serious, and responsible

Gold- born 1910and 1970 is conservative, desirable, and helpful

Water- born 1922 and 1982 is brave, self-centered, and financially well versed

Fire- born 1946 and 2006 is intelligent, hardworking, and sincere

Here are some of the world’s most famous Dogs. You decide if the personality fits, and don’t skip to the end where the best is saved for last.

  • Winston Churchill (born November 30, 1874) a Wood Dog
  • Mother Teresa (born August 26, 1910) a Gold Dog
  • Bill Clinton (born August 19, 1946) a Fire Dog
  • Madonna (born August 16, 1958) an Earth Dog
  • Judy Garland (born June 10, 1922) a Water Dog

If you, someone you love or are thinking of dating, or doing business with is a Dog, here is a glance into their lives in 2018. Knowing what the stars hold for them may give some insight as to what may be in store for you as well.

11th Chinese Zodiac Sign-Dog (Western Zodiac Aquarius)– born in these years: 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018. As a Dog in the  Dogs year, your high energy is naturally aligned with the earth. This is the year for you to be yourself in every way. However, be careful in whatever you wish for because you will probably get it. You will not need to complain about the Stars this year, for you will have good luck in most areas of your life. Of course, problems may still occur but your natural enthusiasm for the living will help you work through them. Be patient and tenacious at work. This year you may develop three crucial qualities from life’s challenges that will strengthen your character; the ability to adapt, the ability to make sensible decisions from conflicting information, and the art of negotiating.

Finance: You are one lucky Dog this year. You might have survived the recent turbulent financial crisis and hope the worst is over. Well, the good times about to surface. Of course, the situation will depend much on how others in your financial circle perform. Hence, you should not count your chickens before the eggs are hatched, or put them all in the same basket. Diversity is your best financial friend. Be wise with your spending for the first half of the year and try to resist the temptation of buying expensive luxury items for the purpose of impressing others. This is a time to understand your financial limits and live within your means.

Love: As a Dog, your romantic life will undergo no significant changes because of your unwavering loyalty to those you love.  If you are married or live as a couple, happiness will be there. The Stars promise you tenderness and sensuality in your life as a couple and also ensure stability and fidelity. If you are currently alone, expect a period favorable to attract amorous encounters. Seriously, who can resist a Dog?  Perhaps this time you will meet someone who will be as faithful as you, will make your heart thump, tail wag, and heat up love in the most delightful way. Keep your eyes open. If your heart gets carried away by the trust and energy of the Dog, be careful not to embark thoughtlessly on a love story that could end up breaking your heart, again.

Dreams: In the dream realm your sign of the Dog is a faithful friend who loves unconditionally but is extremely protective. Like the little dog on the Fool’s Tarot Card, your dreams will guide you to wherever you wish to go. You will have dreams about being loyal and faithful to self. Your dreams will guide you through respecting boundaries, and the power of “No!” which is a difficult concept for an animal whose primary purpose in life is to please and love unconditionally. Keep a dream journal so you can track the guided information shared with you in your dreams.

And, last but not least, another Fire Dog like President Bill Clinton is current President Donald Trump.

According to Ivana Trump’s memoir and research, President Donald Trump is the only American president to take office who does not have dogs. However, when they first married he did live with her dog.

President Donald Trump, born June 14, 1946, is the 4th American President born under the Dog Year but is the first Dog president to hold presidency during the Year of the Dog. Will A Fire Dog without a dog in the White House during the Earth Dog Year be unlucky? Is 2018 going to be a beneficial Brown Earth Dog year for the Fire Dog Presidentor a bitter Dog Day Afternoon that Dogs him for the rest of his life?  Only the Stars know, and we must wait for Time to tell.

Is having a Dog in the White House going to dash our dreams to pieces on the Rock of Ages? Let’s take a look at dreams, dogs, and the zodiac.

Since the Shang Dynasty about 4,000 years ago, dreams have been an essential part of Chinese life and death. According to Epoch Times the ancient Chinese placed tremendous value on dreams as a means of exploring the world of spirits as also seen in modern times with Epoch Times article on prophetic dreams concerning health and healing.

Masters in the Daoist School of Spiritual Cultivation teach how the dream is commonly seen in Chinese folklore and legends as an allegory for the human condition in the “real world.” Animals in dreams can be seen as spirit guides or extremely helpful in gaining insight into ourselves-into our psyche. According to research in the book Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases, like the Chinese, the ancient Egyptians, and Greeks also took dreams not to be mere figments of the subconscious, but as entire worlds beyond our own. In ancient China, the Shang court and aristocracy employed officials who specialized in the field of dreams and acted as dream interpreters, as it was believed that dreams reflect good or bad fortune in the zodiac and all aspects of life, but especially in health, love, and finances.

Numerous dream dictionaries describe a dog dream as a reflection of our basic instincts toward friendship, loyalty, and protection. An aggressive dog in a dream may have many different meaning depending on the context of the dream. It might mean that the dreamer has someone in their life who is untrustworthy. And since our dreams are often a reflection of ourselves, it could mean you are protecting yourself from what you perceive to be a danger. A snarling dog in your dream also begs the question, “Do you often attack yourself in some basic animal way?” However, if a dream dog is happy, playful and wagging its tail, it may be a sign of unconditional love and loyalty.

For 2018 let’s stay positive and dream that all of our Dogs, especially the dog in the White House, are happy, healthy… and will not bite us.

About the author-Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is a Dream Expert, TV Producer/Host of Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod™, The Kat Kanavos Show on New Earth TV, and award-winning Author/Lecturer who promotes patient advocacy and connecting with inner guidance for success in health, wealth, and relationships. Learn more @ http://kathleenokeefekanavos.com/

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