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Nature Can Teach You The Art Of Letting Go, Even If It Is Uncomfortable To Do So

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

One of the greatest gifts and curses of a human being is the act of holding on to things. Why is it a gift?

Well, it creates memories and at the end phase of life or any event, you will be left with memories that make you smile or make you cry. Memories are important – that’s why we value photo albums. But then, what about the curse part?

Humans have a difficulty of letting go. As we grow up, we must change. We must let go of some previous affairs and move on. Sad memories should not imprison us. The past should not define us endlessly.

Accepting the new possibility and moving on should be easy, but it never is. We fail to let go. However, nature can show us a new path towards letting go. Here is how we can make nature our teacher to guide us through this process of ‘letting go’:

1. Accept it

Look at nature – there are many animals who actually show you how they let go of things. It is referred to as ecdysis. Look at the snake who let’s go of their whole skin to form a new one.

The new skin is a vulnerable one and it requires time to toughen up. But it is a natural process. Humans are also going through this process of change but it’s internal. They enter new phases of life, new jobs and new identities.

However, for us, it can be stressful. We can’t part away with the past that easily. We don’t want to be vulnerable. But shedding away the old to embrace the new is the only way we can grow.

2. You will be devastated

There are some tree species which hold a special seed in their canopy. These seeds are glued with strong resin. During a wildfire, these seeds are released and then, the high temperature melts the resin away.

The fire is gone now and the seed settles on the soft soil left behind by the fire. From there, it bursts open into a new plant. You will have your own personal wildfires. Maybe a loved one will leave, or a close person will turn away from you.

Maybe you will have piling mortgages but lose your job all of a sudden. However, you have the required seeds present within you from which you can start a new kind of life. You just have to find them when the wildfire goes away. Find them and then, let them burst open.

3. Growth can be uncomfortable

When a seed is growing, it might look glorious. It will slowly grow into a flower and be beautiful. But eventually, it will grow too long and you will have to cut a part of it and replant it. That’s how your life will be too.

You might be secured in a comfortable position and love it. But sometimes, you might have to cut yourself out of it and go to an uncomfortable spot. It will be a terrible phase in your life.

There will be short-term losses. But you will learn a lot more, gain new people as friends and most importantly, grow in a different way. It’s the only way to not remain stagnant.

Growth is important and the only way to grow is by taking risks. So, be aware, and make a change in your life. It will be worth it.

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