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12 Signs That Your Best Friend May Actually Be Your Guardian Angel

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There’s a reason best friends are so close to us, a reason that they seem godsend and a reason that they feel like the people you are most comfortable with. They may be angels in disguise, here on Earth to look over you.

Now, you may not believe in those kinds of things but more often than not, best friends have found ways of showing us that they may really be our protectors and for that, we believe that these 12 signs reflect that it may really be true.

#12 They don’t judge you, they get you

Who are you when no one’s watching? Chances are that you are the same person when your best friend is watching. No one encourages your inner self to come out than a best friend, you can be you and without hesitation in the company of your best friend. You feel safe doing so as you know that they aren’t judging you. They get you. Don’t angels do the same?

#11 They are always protective, even if they don’t show it

There are very few people in our lives who can be fiercely protective of us than our best friends. And the best part is they can be protective without being possessive. Sometimes, they may not even tell you the things they have done for you and while they may not show that they care, you know that they do, and deeply. A protector who doesn’t possess sounds like an angel to us.

#10 They are your best advisers

When you find yourself in times of trouble, who do you look for? Well, your best friend. You know that they have your best interest at heart and thus, you inevitably seek their counsel for help. They may be as crazy and weird as you but when you come to them for help, they act like the wisest souls, dispensing wisdom at the drop of a hat. Wouldn’t an angel do the same?

#9 Your trust in them is unwavering

If there’s one person you could trust with your life, it would have to be your best friend, right? You may not able to explain it but there’s something about best friends that inspires confidence and trust. And with time you start realizing the fact that they are actually one of the most trustworthy people in your life. Would you not show the same amount of trust if your guardian angel presented themselves in front of you?

#8 They have your back and you know it

You can’t even count the number of times when they have had your back and been there for everything you needed. From career decisions to life advice to waking up at two in the morning just to talk since you weren’t able to sleep. Whatever the problem, you have found them rushing to your rescue. Seeming divine yet?

#7 You’d rather be alone than with someone else

There is no way you can, now, imagine your life without your best friend. No way you can see a future, or maybe even the past, without their faces smiling back at you. And you already know the impact they had had on your life. By now, you may feel that you’d rather live your life without a friend than have someone else in their place.

#6 You can’t believe how strong your bond is

Sometimes, you find yourself wondering how incredibly strong your bond with your best friend is. You feel the connection through your heart and you find the connection to be pure, sweet and loving. You may not know how you grew so close but now that you are close, you know that this bond is forever. Do angels bond with us? Yes, they do.

#5 They feel like they were meant to be in your life

When you think of your best friend, it feels like they were meant to be in your life, don’t they? There seems to be an inevitability about the friendship, that it would have happened one way or the other. You feel the friendship as a sign of good fate and you love how easy it was to let them in your life. Your friendship was meant to be and isn’t that a blessing?

#4 They know how to comfort you

Who else comforts you better than your best friend? Not many, we assume. The very fact that they know what upsets you and what makes you happy, and their willingness to go that extra step to make sure that you are alright makes them an angel. And you feel warm in their company, safe even. Isn’t that what guardian angels are supposed to do?

#3 They know everything about you

They may be the only people who know almost everything about you. They know your strengths and encourage you, they know your weaknesses and help you and they know your fears to comfort you. And they also know how weird you are, so they become weird with you. Who else but an angel would do these for you?

#2 They accepted you unconditionally

It is extremely rare that someone accepts you unconditionally, sometimes even love comes with conditions, so a best friend becomes a rare gem as they accept your good, bad and the ugly. They are proud of your being different and they understand your individuality. There’s comfort in their acceptance and almost an angelic quality about their love for you.

#1 They were there when no one else was

What is the guardian angel’s real job? A guardian angel is supposed to be your ultimate protector, your guide and someone who’s there to look after you while you struggle through the darkest phases of your life. They are supposed to be there when the entire world chooses to leave you alone. Now, think of your best friend. Still think they aren’t your guardian angel?

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