4 Zodiac Signs That Would Get Highly Affected By Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse Full Moon

by Conscious Reminder

With Mercury going into retrograde the first week of July, and with Full Moon Lunar Eclipse also thrown into the mix, things are going to be shaken up a lot.

According to several astrologers, this would be a period of dominance and control, where everyone would want to dominate in their relationships, or their life too. If one lets go of the shackles binding them, they would find themselves completely free, with enough space and time to evolve.

Also, a Full Moon represents the ending of an emotional journey. Therefore, if you had any subconscious doubt lingering, it would bring it to the forefront, and make you deal with it.

Read on here to find how July Lunar Eclipse in Full Moon affects the following 4 zodiac signs the most.


You need to realize that this isn’t the time for active action, but for retrospection and reflection. Don’t force things to happen, they will get awry. You are that sort of a driven person who would shove through any obstacle in their path towards their goal, but now is not the right time to push.

Stay back, and reassess the situation. Instead, spend some time with friends and family even if it means slowing down on your goals. Yes, you will be frustrated, but you only have to look at the horizon.


This Lunar Eclipse is all about getting clarity in your interpersonal relationships- where you stand in it. If you are unattached, now would be the time to get some realizations about yourself that would really help you find someone special.

The Full Moon is all about being transparent- to yourself. Reflect within yourself, reason with what you have done, and don’t lie from yourself. You don’t want inner conflicts especially when the Eclipse and Retrogrades are going to bring relationship struggles to a head- face it, or run away.


With Capricorn ‘feelin’ it, and Cancer ‘feelin’ it, it is obvious that you would feel it too- for they both square you. And this will push some instability in your life. You would need to focus on everything at once- your family, your career, and your own life.

You could very well feel that everyone wants something out of you, which could be true to some extent. So, all you have to do is place some boundaries. You are not liable for someone, you are not compelled to do something for someone when your own life is spiraling out of control. 


Don’t do things just because you are asked to. For, that would lead to tensions cropping up between what you want to do, and what you are asked to do.

And not just in professional relationships- this can come up in any relationship you are in. But it brings with itself a silver lining- you would be able to discern any negative or toxic pattern in the relationship and leave as fast as you can.

Remember, the spotlight will be on you, due to the Full Moon and the Sun being placed in Cancer. This is an emotionally demoralizing time, but if you put your heart and mind into it, you would be able to do it.

These 4 signs will get to face the brunt of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, but don’t lose your courage in the face of danger.

Remember who you are, and let the universe shine its light on your path.

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