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Why Strong Self-Awareness Is Important For Making Good Choices

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by Conscious Reminder

To put it simply, self-awareness is the method of discovering the knowledge within you.

The ongoing journey involves perceiving your patterns, feelings, and thoughts and arriving at epiphanies. Here is how you can get started. Self-awareness helps in your ability to make decisions.

Most of us have sometimes or the other made a choice that did not produce any results. As a result, we had to start over or correct our course. Experiences like these have often made us confused. We wonder what was wrong or why it happened.

We can avoid such pitfalls if we have self-awareness. You will usually misestimate false roads and starts when the different information received by your different bodily parts flows haphazardly. Self-awareness will align you with your entire self. That is, it will make you more congruent.

Imagine moving across town by yourself compared to when you have seven people to help you. When more of your parts are aligned, it creates clarity and energy. The decisions and actions you take are longer-lasting, easier, and faster.

How Can Self-Awareness be Grown?

Early 1990s philosopher Jean Gabser had pointed out five broad lenses of perspective or awareness that have been used by humans historically. These “Structures of Consciousness” are the various ways of being and thinking that increase self-awareness.

Every lens represents a phase in human history that led to a transformation in what it means to know. His work is much deeper than this article’s scope. But here are simple lessons that can be applied to our daily lives to evolve and grow our self-awareness:

Archaic Lens:

This area in our lives has to do with being connected to and being aware of something bigger than us. This means everything, all things, love, Source, religion, creative energy, or something divine.

Magic Lens:

This perspective’s basis is the subtle ways of how knowledge or information comes to us. This incorporates concepts like ritual, intuition, belonging, and being energy sensitive.

Mythical Lens:

This perspective is about knowing and being whose basis lies in dialogue, storytelling, archetypes, roles, myths, and our different parts.

Mental Lens:

This perspective of knowing and ‘being’ comes from thinking that is mechanistic, critical, sequential, and logical.

Integral Lens:

When all the different perspectives come together, they create a new perspective of viewing the world. This is known as the Integral, or wholeness, consciousness structure.

In this place, everything has an impact on every other thing, and all have a connection to one. Here, multiple realities are held by the people at their being’s deepest level.

The objective is to attain this Integral Lens. This will raise our self-awareness to a greater level, and connect us to the bigger whole. Once this is achieved, we will see that the sum is lesser than the whole.

You can think of it as baking something. The water, baking soda, eggs, flour, and hardly look anything like the final product, that is the cake.  

When we have every different lens at our disposal, we see the entire picture through a kaleidoscope. This calls for working together and new paradigms in living.

In Conclusion

Decisions are a part of everyone’s life, and they will be yours. Some decisions will have a permanent effect on your life.

Raising your self-awareness will help in making such decisions with a more complete and new perspective. It will help you act in ways that will support the best outcomes out of all the options open to you.

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