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Master The 2018 Mercury Retrograde: The First One Is Just Around The Corner

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by Conscious Reminder

Breathe. Apocalypse is not here (yet). Mercury retrograde is a regular phenomenon which occurs three or four times a year. It is nothing abnormal and since we cannot mend it, let us master it.

Remember when you were in a car on the highway and the train alongside appeared to move backward? Well that is an optical illusion. The train was just moving more slowly than you were! Something similar happens when Earth passes Mercury in our orbit around the sun. Mercury moves slower than our planet, causing the illusion that it’s moving in retrograde. Usually planets move from east to west around the sun, so when Mercury moves in the opposite direction it is said to be in retrograde.

Does It Cause Mishaps?

In astrology, Mercury governs communication, travel and learning. These spheres of life will be topsy-turvy and you have to be a little cautious. Be very careful with phones, computers, electronic devices, the mail, cars, public transportation, and commutes.

Let us face this simple truth: our lives depend on information flow. During this period messages are likely to go astray, communication gap may lead to confusion and chaos will prevail. Someone may say something and mean something else; you may misinterpret conversations or assume certain things. Technology is disrupted. Networks are likely to go down, machines crash and ordinary tasks become a tremendous feat. Add to that the woes of transport where traffic is always at a standstill, buses are delayed and you have to take multiple detours to reach your destination.

How To Master It?

Try not to start vital projects, sign important contracts or buy new electronic goods. Double-check fine print, always backup your data and when on the road, keep some time at hand for disruptions.

On the brighter side, it will be a journey of restructuring, replanning and research. Finish old business, complete pending paperwork and spend time with old friends. Reappearance of certain people from the past may resolve many issues.

You can feel the retrograde when communication and transportation start slowing. On the day of the retrograde station when Mercury appears to be still, one will feel like time has stopped. Things will gain momentum after a few days. Expect volatile energy, activity, frenzy, and frustration, with people ready to burst in anger all the time.

1. The First Retrograde

The first 2018 Mercury Retrograde is from March 22 to April 15, 2018. This period will bring impatience, frustration, accidents, malfunctions, and delays of all sorts. In Aries, this retrograde promises impulsiveness which must be utilized.

Dates To Mark

When retrograde Mercury conjoins the Libra Full Moon March 3, you will be able to construct conclusions from chaos. Arguments will take place when retrograde Mercury squares Mars and Saturn April 4 and 5. Mercury will square Saturn again on April 25. Impediments will continue when Mercury squares Mars again on May 12.

2. The Second Mercury Retrograde

The second 2018 Mercury Retrograde is from July 25 to August 11, 2018. In Leo it will ensue drama as it is a fire retrograde. This one coincides with Mars retrograde, in the opposite sign of Aquarius, increasing temper tantrums and complex issues. It also has a connection with eclipse activity, adding revelatory and activating properties.

Dates To Mark

Mercury retrograde will conjoin the Sun August 9, bringing clarity. Retrograde trouble is bound to increase when Mercury squares Jupiter August 10. Mercury stations direct August 11 in a celestial one-two punch. Mercury squares Jupiter again on August 27, shooting more problems.

3. The Third Mercury Retrograde

The final 2018 Mercury Retrograde begins on November 16 and ends on December 6, 2018. The transition from Sagittarius to Scorpio ensures elevated energies. This period is all about passion and activity, looking for different perspectives and finding possible solutions to long term problems. When Mercury backs into Scorpio on December 1, the retrograde will bring out secrets.

Dates To Mark

When Mercury joins Jupiter and the Sun November 27, all the retrograde woes will reach its climax. After Mercury goes direct and then joins Jupiter again on December 21, a lot of things will be disclosed.

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