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Yes, Having The Akashic Records And Your Psychic Powers In The Palm Of Your Hand Is Possible!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Throughout our lives, starting from childhood, high school, graduation, job, relationships all of these events ask us to make decisions. They are very important parts of our lives; we can make or mar events and their positivity.

We sought advice from the important people of our lives, parents, friends and others. But not all the time they work in accordance with our expectations. What if we tell you that there is a kind of guide book to provide you with necessary advice whenever and wherever you want?

Not only advice, these are exact guidelines which would take you to your destined future. You would never miss out on the best opportunities, nor would you worry about your purpose in life. You can also get information about your past life.

Akashic Records is that library which contains your key to a joyous life. These records have information about everything in this world starting from the very tiny objects like electrons. To some people, Akashic Records are not accessible since they are linked with a huge ancient library. Well, the huge collection thought is not wrong since the information is a lot but it is very easily accessible.

Akashic Records has its origin from the term ‘Akasha’. This is a Sanskrit word which denotes sky. Alfred Percy Sinnett in his book Esoteric Buddhism wrote about the Akashic Records that information is stored in ‘Akasa’ and that can be read exactly how it is written.

According to Buddhist belief any fortune teller can read the information for the common people. But the truth is you don’t need to be a fortune teller to read the Akashic Records, you just need to belong to the Akashic.

The Akashic Records contain information about the past, present and future too. This record is omnipresent which can be sought from anytime and anywhere. In the past, there are some major events about which the Akashic Record tried to alert people through dreams, though people never tried to look for those alerts or info.

We all know the major Titanic incident, universally famous and mourned. There can be an entire book if the names of all those people are written who got dream alerts. These dream alerts were the actual sight of the ship sinking into water.

Milton Hershey was one of those people who got a dream alert about Titanic, which made him change his plan of returning home in Titanic with his wife.

Many people tried to save their relatives from going to that ship, some were successful. Some lost their loved ones. Morgan Robertson’s book ‘Futility, the wreck of the Titan’ records another dream alert or pre-vision of the futility in the year 1898, almost 14 years before the actual event.

While crossing the North American shipping lanes, Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks with great number of people’s death. A small girl Jessie in the year 1912 spoke about her vision of a ship sinking to salvation army Captain W Rex Sowden, and also talked about his childhood friend Wallace Hartley who actually was a band member in that ship.

After a few moments the captain felt an unseen presence in the room and with that Jessi was no more.

Akashic gives you prophecy through dreams, if you ask about time you get to see hourglass or clock. Easily understandable these records are now available in Akashic Tarot cards which help you to sought answers.

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