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Crystals For The Strong And Powerful

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by Conscious Reminder

This world has given us many gifts and it is important that we know how to use them. The minerals hidden deep under the ground possess a lot of power.

Thrumming with energy, crystals can make you stronger, increase your mental abilities, keep you grounded, make you self-aware, lead you to awakening and more. Here are some of the crystals that are perfect for those looking for strength in all its forms. 

Azurite Flowers

Tiny but powerful, these stones are less than an inch in size but they stimulate the chakra in your throat and your forehead. They help you assert yourself more, to remain alert, and to get in touch with the deepest recesses of your own mind. As the crystal of the wise, not only does it help you hone your intuitive abilities, it also allows you to purify your mind and let go of the past. 


Allowing you to be flexible, wise, generous and confident, Chrysoprase is also effective in correcting any unbalanced emotions. By activating the heart chakra, it provides comfort when there are worries weighing you down. A symbol of understanding, it also allows you to become more self aware and less bound by your own ego. 


Useful for a variety of issues related to mental and emotional help, this stone protects you from all sorts of negative energy. The clarity of thought Citrine provides allows you to make optimum use of your own creativity and ensures that your thoughts and actions are influenced by positivity. 


Signifying romance, commitment, fidelity and loyalty, garnet is the best crystal to balance out your emotions. It calms you down in times of anxiety and helps you in anger-management. When you’re stuck in a difficult situation, garnets will help you think clearly so that you can extricate yourself with minimal damage. 

Lapis Lazuli

When used while meditating, it activates the chakra points in your forehead and helps you find the answers you’re seeking. By activating the chakra points in your throat, it allows for the self assurance and self awareness you need, to be able to protect yourself. 


Also called the love stone, Rhodonite activates the chakra points in the Heart and its perfectly balanced hues provide you with the potential for proper self-care. You will be able to show your affection for others better and you’ll find yourself becoming more confident. 

Rose Quartz

A symbol of all things beautiful, peaceful and balanced, this crystal exerts a comforting influence over your heart. Negativity and bad thoughts dissipate in its presence. Rose Quartz will teach you to love yourself while also strengthening your bonds with those you care about. 


The perfect stone to revitalize you when you’re worn out and tired, the stimulation that the ruby provides fills your mind with enough clarity to see things you might have missed before. It takes an expert to use a ruby properly as it can easily blow your passions out of proportion. 


Records from centuries ago have noted the healing properties of Selenite. Not only is it useful against cancer, it can also help soothe those with epilepsy. Besides physical disorders, selenite’s light also helps those who are having a hard time leaving the past behind. 

Smoky Quartz

Useful for keeping you stable and grounded, Smoky Quartz is helpful in battling mental health issues. It activates the energy that is already present within your body and aligns them to its own healing vibrations. This crystal can also increase our understanding of nature’s mysteries and the ways in which we can help the environment. 

Crystals are powerful objects, that would benefit one with a clean mind. Also, one needs to be calm, and composed while dealing with a crystal, for they aren’t for the weak of will.

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