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How Your Faith In Soulmates Is Affecting Your Relationship – What Science Has To Say

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By Conscious Reminder 

Do you think soulmates exist? If yes, then no longer do you need to take those guilt trips for living in a fairytale!

For, you have science to back you up on this. A study called the Marist poll revealed that most Americans, i.e., at least 73% of them, credit the idea of soulmates. Of this 74 % are men and 71% are women who think that destiny has designed a soulmate for them.If we see it in terms of age groups, those below the age of 45 contribute to 79% of the population that believes in soulmates, and those above 45 years constitute 69% of the total population under study.

If this number of people believe in destiny and soulmates, we might as well ask whether it is beneficial or harmful for us? Should relationships be seen through the lens of destiny?

The scientific study of soulmates

So if you’re really interested in understanding soulmates through destiny and are also wondering if it’s good or bad to see it this way, then answer the question below to find out for yourself.
Do you think that there is a particular person destined only for you?
According to Raymond Knee and his colleagues, the group of people can be divided into two based on how they answer the above question.

1. Belief in destiny

I believe that I’m destined to that particular person who will be my soulmate.

2. Belief in growth

Relationships grow with mutual effort and love only.

Which group do you belong to? The answer that you’ll give will define the growth or the conclusion of the relationship that you are in.

Those who think soulmates exist tend to lose their partner more often. They exhaust themselves with too many analytical thoughts:

1. Is this someone I want to be with or is there someone better destined for me?

2. What’s the best that can be done by me?

People who believe in growth ask questions to themselves:

1. Are we good together?

2. How can I improve the relationship and myself?

Belief in destiny

People who believe in soulmates are driven by passion, are impulsive, and have brief relationships. They get disillusioned and upset if it doesn’t work out for them. Their search for the ‘perfect’ one is never over. With the end of each relationship, they move on with thinking that their soulmate is yet to be found.

Believers in growth

These people take longer to find a partner and are ready to compromise if required. They look for solutions and decisions that’ll help them grow.

A solution for Soulmate believers

If you’re continuously looking for ‘the one’ then your ability to nurture the existing relationships will also decrease. Instead, follow these steps to avoid it.

1. Repetitions

Do you wish to exit the relationship in times of trouble? Do you find comfort in the same individual repeatedly? Analyze your past relationships to see if you think you are a soulmate believer. If not, then evaluate your past to understand how your faith in growth can be a learning experience for you.

2. To compromise or not?

It’s okay to change a bit in a relationship so long as it doesn’t become too often or too much to deal with. Think about the bumps in the past – can they be seen comparable?

3. Change for growth

It’s not an indication of weakness if you change for someone. It helps you grow along with the other person.

I truly believe that no person is perfect. And a real soulmate in anyone’s life is that person who helps the partner and the relationship advance towards growth.

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