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Lionsgate And Lunar Eclipse Ritual August 2017

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August is a turning point month that is going to bring rapid growth and change. From August onwards, time is going to feel like its moving faster and we are all really going to be guided to leave the past in the past.

August is also a month of ascension and awakenings, so it is likely that we are all going to be able to advance our consciousness, or our spiritual understanding in some way. Often when awakenings or ascension first happens it can feel like a shock and sometimes we need time to process this new way of being.

All of this energy can lead to feelings of exhaustion or energy levels that feel all over the place. It can also lead to a desire to make abrupt or long needed changes in life.

Even though we all have our own journey, it seems that some of the key themes for the first part of August, under the influence of the Lionsgate Portal and Lunar Eclipse, is learning how to feel grounded in oneself, to let go and open the heart.

By doing so, it will allow us to access the amazing energies of the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, which happens later in August on the 21st.

The following ritual is designed to help you release and ascend, but it is also designed to bring restorative energy into your soul. This is a gentle ritual that will help you to feel more centered amongst all of this moving energy.

The ritual is best done on August 7th or 8th, however you can do anytime from July 29th to August 15th. During this window in time, the Lunar Eclipse and Lionsgate Portal energies are at their strongest.

Lionsgate and Lunar Eclipse Ritual for Restoration August 2017

You will need:

  • A candle
  • Your favorite crystal
  • Your favorite essential oil (or you can substitute with coconut/olive oil)
  • A small bowl of water

1.) Light your candle and set up your crystal, oil and water so they are in easy reach. This ritual is best done on the floor so you may want to have your ingredients resting on a mat or towel.

2.) Close your eyes and take 8 deep breaths. Holding your crystal, begin gently rubbing it between your hands. Keep rubbing your crystal while breathing in and out. You should feel heat generating between your palms and the crystal.

3.) Once completed, take a 1-2 drops of essential oil or regular oil, on your finger and place it on the back of your neck in the dip where your spine meets your head. This is a powerful energy center of the body and is known as the cerebellum chakra. Note: if you have sensitive skin, mix your essential oil with a carrier oil before applying.

4.) With the remaining oil that is left on your fingers, take a deep breath in and out so you can get the smell moving through your senses.

3.) Next, lay down in a comfortable position on the floor and place your charged crystal either over your third eye (middle of forehead) or over your heart center. Use your intuition to choose the best spot for you. Then, place your left hand over your stomach and your right hand over your heart (on top of the crystal is fine). Take 8 deep breaths here again to still your mind.

4.) Then, on every exhale begin chanting the mantra “I release” in your mind. Chant the mantra on every exhale another 8 times. Make your exhales powerful and long, and visualise releasing all of the muck and energy that is weighing you down. Ask your angels and guides to help you release all that is no longer serving you.

5.) Next, take your attention to your crystal and feel it pouring white light into your energy center and through your entire body. Then, on your next inhale begin chanting the mantra “I accept” in your mind. Chant the mantra on every inhale another 8 times, as you do this, visualize the healing energy from the crystal nourishing, recharging and opening your third eye or heart center.

6.) Once completed, open your eyes. Dip your fingers into the bowl of water, stand up and starting at the top of your head, begin making a flicking motion with your fingers, moving around the entire outside of your body. This flicking motion is cleansing, protective and restorative. As you do this flicking motion around the outside of your body, repeat the following or write your own-

“Dear Universe/God/Angels, I am whole in myself and in my heart. I ask for your guidance in gently removing things from my life that are no longer serving me. I ask that you help me to accept my current situation, so I may feel nourished, restored and at peace. I know I am loved, I know I am supported, I know I am protected.”

7.) To close the ritual, leave your crystal out to charge over the Eclipse/Portal period, you can also sleep with it next to your bed. Leave the candle burning for as long as possible- of course, do not leave lit candle unattended.

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