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Twin Flames, The Silver Cord And Solar Plexus Pull

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by Conscious Reminder

The heart chakra, situated near the solar plexus, pulls the twin flame into a silver cord that is invincible and binds the two flames into a connection that goes beyond the realm of just tangible beings. This is the ‘silver cord’.

Before we incarnate, our souls, with the twin flame, are one. At birth they split.

But, after the spiritual birth, our souls split into two, which are reflections of each other, for they contain the same amount of energy, required for ascending up the spiritual order.

They break into two, because that is needed to keep someone from wandering, alone in the struggle to reach their goals.

Positive energy is attracted by other positive energies, and in order to ascend, we need to find the twin flame, which can be found after soul-searching, because even though they might be several thousands of kilometers apart, they still are intrinsically the same beam of energy.

This is also why we are attracted to the same kind of person as us, for their and our energy are same, at the core.

But, the solar plexus pulls us, because the heart chakra does. It administers our ability to love, and be compassionate.

We experience and control our emotions and feelings by the heart chakra, be it positive or negative. They can be varied: sympathy, conscience, heartbreak etc.

The heart chakra is placed at the centre of the body, and is the connecting pole between the higher and the lower chakras.

Since it operates based on unconditional love, it is assured that the emotions faces are intense, and very passionate, making it one of the most powerful spiritual essence there is.

Meditation is the key to control and coordinate it. Meditate, and you will realize that your solar plexus is pulling you. And the onrush of energy would be immense.

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