Sexual Vampirism: Lower Frequency Beings Can Feed Off Our Sexual Energy

by Conscious Reminder

Just like we aim to raise our energy frequency and ascend to the 5D matrix, there are other beings present in our current realm which have lower frequency than us.

However these beings are parasitic in nature and they leech off energy from us. In fact, they attach themselves to us and eat up our sexual energies.

Sexual Energy is incredibly potent and its power can either help us ascend to the higher realm or bring us down and make our life a nightmare. These low frequency beings instead use this energy as their food.

One of the signs that our sexual energy is being used as lunch by lower frequency beings is if there is an addiction with sex or porn.

These beings could have been hooked to your bloodline. That means your parents or your ancestors could have also been tormented by them without realizing it.

These lower frequency beings feed by tapping into our nervous system and latching themselves onto our chakras (etheric system).

They then siphon off the sexual energy at their leisure. It is possible to get rid of these beings and realizing the fact that you are being used for this is the first step in curing yourself.

Once you’ve come to the realization, focus and find out what are the triggers that cause you to have an emotional or causes any disruption in your energy fields.

Then you need to ensure that your energy fields are clean and don’t have any residual cords or hooks or psychic agreements that hinders your energy.

You can also try other methods of healing such as soul matrix healing to help in your case. Frequency control doesn’t allow you to harness your sexual energy through all your chakras.

In such a situation the energy remains trapped in the lower chakras and hardly reaches the upper ones at all. Instead of love, you feel an obsession with the object of your sexual drive.

Do you think it is possible that you have one of these low frequency beings in your nearest surroundings?

We would love to hear about your experiences, so feel free to share them in the comment section below! 

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  1. Yes I have felt the same. In fact I was researching on this in September. After an intense experience during August eclipse. Your article makes me think that I should do kundalini meditation again
    What is healing of soul matrix?

  2. I have been feeling a sort of tingling/continual arousal in my first chakra for quite a while. It was connected to a specific person whom I was very sexually connected with- meaning we could feel each others aroudal from great distance- no matter where we are. Since our physical involvement has ended… I still continue to feel this energy quite a lot. If feels invasive and bothersome. Like I am being aroused constantly and I don’t really understand what it means. I also feel their energy probing my left ear.


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