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Decoding & Understanding Intuition

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It is a well-known fact that our brain comprises of two hemispheres, which are the right and left brain. The former stands for creativity and intuition and the latter for rational and logical thought.

Here, there is a conflict. This is due to the fact that the right part of our brain is responsible for both intuition and creativity. This gives rise to contradiction as it becomes difficult to single out creativity and/or intuition.

Worry not; there is a solution for this universal confusion that troubles everyone from time to time. Whenever you find yourself concerned by this dilemma, question yourself in the following manner:

Did I think of the particular ‘thought’ suddenly or gradually?

Am I in control of this thought process or am I reacting to it?

Am I interested in hearing more about this subject?

If the reply to any of these questions is positive, then it is the intuitive part of your brain taking over. Your left brain can derail you. Intuition is clearly the reason for your thoughts, as it seems. Creativity and intuition are generally in cahoots, although.

This is due to the fact that these two are extremely important when you engage in any kind of thought process. Quite like a post office, our brain collects all the information before it sends it off to different locations. Once we understand this fact of the brain, intuition comes easy.

There are many ways in which you can further your understanding of intuition. Here are five basic – yet foolproof – steps that anyone can follow:

1. Positive and Negative:

Observe the reaction of your five senses to the world around you. Take everyday life events and give direct answers in positive and negative about them. Make sure you make use of your intuition when giving these answers. Doing this every day will work wonders for you.

2. Make Notes:

Take down notes about all your intuitive incidents every day – be it minor or major. You can check them for accuracy at the end of each day. By doing this daily, there will be a huge leap in your intuitive skills.

3. Speech Monitoring:

Details of what you say throughout the day are important. Through words, you often talk of your intuition. This is because of the fact that speech often falls short of feelings. Talk about the data you have collected without revealing the source. This is a manifestation of your intuition.

4. Believe in Yourself:

Go by your gut instinct. This is your intuition so you must trust it. People may have their doubts but you should never pay heed to them. Believing in yourself will introduce peace and joy in your life.

5. Take it Easy:

All the same, do not get consumed by gut feeling. Let your life happen to you without any hindrance. Step back, and let life run its course. By letting go, your sensibility will also increase.

Following these points will help you gain a better understanding and unlock the potential of your intuition.

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