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The Rather Positive Yet Little Known Aspects Of Sleep Paralysis

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by Conscious Reminder

Most of us are familiar with the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. For those who have never experienced it, words might not be enough to convey exactly what this terrifying sensation is.

Of course, feeling like you have lost control of your body is a terrifying thing indeed. Being caught unawares while you are sleeping just adds to the horror. But the thing is, if you are willing to look beyond the horror, you’d discover that sleep paralysis can free you in an amazing way even as it binds your body.

For those who still don’t know exactly what sleep paralysis, it is that moment when you are suspended between sleep and being awake, and are unable to control your body, even for speaking let alone moving your hands or other parts of the body.

When this happens when you are falling asleep, it goes by the name of hypnagogia, whereas if it occurs when you wake up- it is called hypnopompia. The reason that a person is not able to make any kind of movement and feels a loss of control is because their muscles get incredibly weak.

A phenomenon which is known as muscle atonia. These are the main characteristics. However, depending on the person, it might also be accompanied by a sensation like electricity moving through your body or hearing rumbling.

Sleep paralysis is a scientifically proven phenomenon and one of the explanation involve our Rapid Wye Movement or REM sleep. When we enter REM sleep, our body’s muscles are completely induced with muscle atonia so that we lie still and don’t start enacting our dreams.

If we are suddenly or violently disturbed during the REM sleep, we might experience sleep paralysis. Some other reasons range from anxiety, migraines, sleep apnea to narcolepsy. So if we wake up suddenly, and our muscles are all paralysed, what does our brain do?

It immediately paints us a worst case scenario that makes us believe there is a demonic presence in the room. This is necessary for our survival as it triggers the fight or flight response.

As we can see, fear is our body’s natural response to a sleep paralysis situation. But what if we can look beyond the fear? That is when we can utilize this admittedly scary phenomenon to allow us to have an out of body experience.

If you are brave enough to conquer your fears you might even be able to start your own lucid dream state, and even enhance your dream memory. When you feel that you can no longer control your physical body, turn your attention towards your spirit, your soul.

Although, overcoming such fear as is associated with sleep paralysis is no doubt a tough nut to crack, the rewards can be worth it if you could stretch your limits.

When you overcome your fear of a presence in the room, by logically analysing your symptoms and tricking your brain to think beyond the fear, you would find that you are better able to project yourself outside your body. It would not come easily and cannot be achieved in one time but it has definitely been shown to work.

Even though science has not yet accepted astral projection, it does acknowledge sleep paralysis. And there are many people who have successfully used sleep paralysis as a starting point to enhance their astral experience.

People have reported that they have very clear memories of what happened when they had an out of body experience while undergoing sleep paralysis. If you are one who wants to experience it too, and has frequent sleep paralysis attacks, learn to change your fear into an accessory.

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