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Giving Everything & Receiving Nothing: 10 Signs Your Relationship Is Going Off Tracks

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by Conscious Reminder

A relationship is all about giving and taking, but usually, it is not simply the case. When someone is a naturally affectionate and loving person, he or she might find himself or herself giving more love than their partner.

They will even not think of it as of their kind and thoughtful nature. They will be there for their partner every time he or she needs them, and they believe that nothing is wrong with doing that. Unluckily, giving too much will not always result in receiving something in return.

When a person tries more than his or her partner, this may start causing some serious problems in the relationship. Usually, one partner gives more love than he or she receives.

There are also times when this is going to become an enormous problem. Here are the ten signs which we have to pay attention to:

1. We start feeling stuck in this relationship, so it holds us back.

Relationships are always meant to meet the necessities of both of the partners, so they have to love and be loved. However, there are relationships which are going to make us feel lonely, although we are with our loved one. They become dependent on us, so they rush to our side whenever they need us, regardless of how small their problem is. But, when we need them, they will always have some lies or excuses.

2. We don’t feel ourselves anymore.

We have a number of interests or people that we love, and all of a sudden, we will find ourselves with nothing of this. Right when we tried to please our partner, we sacrificed everything that was once significant for us.

3. We constantly try to justify our worth.

We will probably find ourselves always in our head about what and how much we do for our partner and how frequently we are there in order to hold everything together. But, every time we need to justify our worth, our relationship can seriously become imbalanced.

4. We are feeling guilty every time we refuse to do something for our partner.

A lot of individuals say no somewhere around five times during the day, without saying that they are sorry or even feel bad when it comes to it. This shows that we acknowledge our necessities. Sometimes, we may feel forced when it comes to doing something for our partner, or our partner will make us feel guilty as we refused to do what he or she wanted. 

5. We are not a priority for our partner.

We are caring and loving people who try to put a lot of effort when it comes to making their partner feel really special. But, we find out that we are not a priority for our partner and he or she doesn’t act as he or she cares about our opinions and thoughts or they barely listen when we are talking. 

6. We are Mr. or Mrs. – fix that.

When we do all the actual and emotional work around our house, then there is something definitely wrong. When we have a partner that is emotionally immature, he or she will expect us to do all that we can for him or her.

7. We do not get what we want.

The hard and cold truth about every life would be that we cannot always get everything we want. However, when we are not satisfied with our relationship all the time, or when or partner rules over every single thing, we are definitely compromising more than enough to ourselves.

8. We are both tired, physically and emotionally.

We look tired, and we feel tired. Regardless of how much we sleep, we cannot shake the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion. We don’t feel only physically exhausted, but also emotionally. We cannot rest our way out of the emotional exhaustion. However, we are going to try for sure.

9. We feel afraid to mention something about our feelings to our partner.

We are afraid, and the reason for that is as we believe that our partner is going to unplug us from the relationship entirely. When someone loves us truly, he or she is never going to walk away from us. However, when the above mentioned happens, something is not okay for sure.

10. We are going to begin resenting our partner.

When we cannot understand how much we are compromising in our relationship, we can feel angry or resentful towards our partner. Resentment can sometimes act like the poison to our psyche which is going to keep eroding our confidence in meeting our needs and feeling honored and respected. When we feel frustrated or annoyed with our partner, and we cannot understand the reason why it means we compromise too much.

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