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How Stress Affects Your Relationships

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by Conscious Reminder

The most pleasant and beautiful feeling which we can all experience is being in an amazing relationship with our partner. Having a companion who stands by us through our good and bad times, and understands us and knows us inside out is something amazing.

Our spouse or partner is a person we can open in front of without inhibitions. Unluckily, although at the start everything would look like a fairytale or a dream, the pressures of expanding our family or added responsibilities, will start taking their toll on our relationship.

Even those couples considered the most loving and romantic ones would sometimes experience some imbalances in their relationships, hitting rock bottom. In fact, it is essential that our relationship manages to stand this time test. Stress is definitely the greatest culprit standing behind the entire mess.

Human minds are constantly stressed out, and it is something common and normal; however, some of us permit this stress to get to our heads.

Because of that, the effect will start appearing in our relationship step by step. Usually, couples are not even aware of how the mental state they have takes its toll on the relationship.

In fact, it would be quite important for us to understand that stress affects our relationship so that we can sustain a normal and healthy relationship, or also work on our shortcomings.

These are several key signs which are going to help us detect the impacts that stress has on our relationship:

We lose our emotional connection.

The best thing when it comes to having soulmates would be the capacity to establish a connection with each other on a mental and emotional level. Even when the two of us are separate individuals that have different through processes, it would be this particularly emotional tuning which will give us the ability to detect some changes in the mood of our partner and our intuition will communicate to us what he or she wants.

But, when we feel stressed out, the tuning will go haywire as our mind would constantly be in the state of paranoia. Because of that, we will lose touch, and we won’t have the ability to establish a connection with our partner in the way we used to in the past.

Emotional Unavailability.

In fact, there were times when we remembered every important date, and we surprised our partner is exciting and creative ways all the time. But, we suddenly find ourselves busy with watching TV or with our phone while our partner talks to us and our conversations have definitely lost their depth.

Usually, this happens because we became emotionally unavailable and that would be what stress would do to us. Our mental state will put us in positions where we would prefer to spend time in solitude instead of talking to others, even to our loved one. Step by step, our partner will feel the heat, making our relationship to start going south too.

Physical intimacy.

We are all aware of the fact that one of the most important parts of our relationships is physical intimacy. But, it is really essential to understand the fact that our sexuality and mental health go one next to the other. Some problems like Erectile Dysfunction will be quite common in men, and the main trigger behind the problem would be stress.

A lot of people don’t know that the Erectile Dysfunction may be cured quite easily by simply consuming medications for this problem. But, while we came to suffer from it, an essential thing would be to address every underlying problem, the major one being stress.

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