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Amber — Properties And Benefits In Spiritual Cleansing Of The Aura

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by Conscious Reminder

Amber is formed when resin from trees (most commonly pine) is petrified. It has excellent electromagnetic properties, and can be used to create an electric charge when rubbed with a cloth: strong enough to attract small bits of paper.

It can detoxify our body of radiation and can also help protect against it. It can also be used to stabilize our high energies as it is one of the stones that belong to the element Earth.

It can also be used to enhance memory and to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions.

Amber is also used to cleanse our aura as it can regulate our vibrations. It removes negative energies, not just from our mind, but also from our surroundings. It is also said to attract love and luck.

As mentioned before, Amber can be used to detoxify our body. It is believed to draw out whatever disease is plaguing us. It is also beneficial as a healing agent, one which revitalizes tissues.

There physical benefits of Amber are difficult to keep count of.

Many pains and aches can be treated just by applying water which has had a piece of Amber submerged in it.

Goitre, under-confidence, mood swings, issues of the spine, cell regeneration etc. can be cured like this. Amber is also important in the matters of feng-shui.

You have to be careful that you clean the crystal every time you use it. It is also not advisable to keep it in sunlight for long durations of time as it turns brittle. Cleanse by running warm water over it or by keeping it in a bowl which has hematite.

Amber has a history of being used for medicinal and sacred purposes in Native American and Asian culture.

It has also been traced back to Greece, Assyria and many such ancient civilizations. One thing is certain, it hasn’t lost its importance even now.

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