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Chakra To Chakra: A Different Way Of Energetic Commitment

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by Conscious Reminder

Most of us do not quite understand the influence our relationships can have on us. Falling in love with someone and being loved by back with the same intensity can do wonders, not only to your heart but your soul too.

Our beloveds hold the mirror for us. That means they make us meet our biggest fears and also aware us about our best gifts. This is why, sharing your life with the right person is considered to be really important.

Loving someone makes you give up on our lives which revolved around singlehood. It’s the beginning of a new life which comprises of two. It uplifts us spiritually and helps us grow mentally and emotionally. The commitment shared by two people is on an extremely deep level.

Commitments help us lay a strong foundation to the castle of love we’re trying to build. The entire universe is made of energy, and your body is no exception. Long before modern technology and science, ancient cultures knew that all living things carried a life force with them. Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that literally translates to wheel. Chakras are the centers of energy that move inside of us.

The chakras are primarily divided into 2 parts. The first five chakras, from root to throat, are the Earth chakras nourished primarily by Mother Earth. The sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth chakras are known as the Sky Chakras.

We can examine each of these chakras with our partners and  make the energetic commitment to each other at of our seven energy centers, aligning each of them for an even deeper commitment.

At the first chakra:

This is one of the most important chakras. It will help you know if you two are fit enough for each other and whether you both can build a foundation together.

At the second chakra:

This chakra will help you find answers to questions like How will you hold them in a sacred container supporting them as they learn themselves and grow over the years?  Are you willing to accept the other person in all of her/ his fullness — the good the bad and the ugly? Do you embrace the Other in his/ her entirety of being?

At the third chakra, the core:

This chakra helps you in realizing each other worth in your lives. You will learn your partner’s value.

At the fourth chakra, the heart center:

This chakra revolves around providing your partner with unconditional love and dedication. Respecting each other is a great aspect too.

At the fifth chakra:

Will you correct them when they are wrong? Will you constantly promote them in becoming a better version of them self?  This chakra is related to such questions.

At the sixth chakra, the third eye:

Do you both have the same goal in life? Do your dreams include each other as well? Have you decided on building a future with them?

At the seventh chakra, the crown:

Do you both have similar spirituality? Will you both still stick around with each other even if your spiritualities differ?

Most of us get lost in the outwardly pleasures of the world. We try to look for answers to all the important questions everywhere in the world but we do not look within ourselves.

Remember that you have all the answers to all your questions if only you close your eyes and look within yourself.

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