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The Difference Between True Intuition And Regular Thoughts, Gut Feelings

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Intuition, the “sixth sense” that we all have within us naturally, is something distinctly different from a regular thought process in the mind. Some call it a gut feeling, because they can literally feel it in their gut. Others describe it as a heart feeling, or in other ways often related to physical sensations.

For a while I have been trying to learn the difference between this type of intuition, and just a regular, mental thought process. This is what I have learned.

This is the best way to tell: it’s intuition when there is no explainable reason for a certain feeling. When there is no thought process, sensory detail, or any other trigger for a certain feeling, I would say that’s true intuition.

The more science-minded people would say that’s just your subconscious, picking up on things your conscious mind hasn’t, but I think it’s something different. True intuition stems from processes that are either yet to be explained, or deliberately ignored, by modern science.

And when you feel something in your “gut,” or your “heart,” I can’t help but think of chakras. We may not know exactly how energetic centers on the body known as “chakras” work, but we can definitively know that something is there when we feel the pull on our hearts, or the gut feeling. It’s a very real thing, unexplainable by biology: so calling it a “chakra” makes sense to me.

Also, intuition seems to pop into your head very quickly and thoroughly, as if it were some foreign thought suddenly appearing into your mind.

Some people suspect human beings can actually pick up on other people’s thoughts and hear them as their own. I’m not sure if this is possible or not. I’d say it probably is with more intuitive people (because some people experience intuition and psychic phenomena so strong, the medical community refuses to accept what they are perceiving is real).

People also suspect that some form of MK ULTRA-esque technology can actually implant thoughts into people’s minds, making them believe they are schizophrenic or having some type of powerful intuition. This is a terrifying thought, and probably not happening often if it is: but it’s something to consider.

Many people with schizophrenia-type conditions are hellbent on saying the government is actually implanting thoughts in their minds. While many of them may be suffering from delusions, could this be true?

In conclusion, those intuitive, gut feelings have a distinct quality to them: they are sudden, powerful, certain, and often with no explanation or sensory detail which led to them.

However, some people choose to ignore reality, form opinions about people too quickly, or make other decisions based on what is not true intuition, but how they want to feel, assuring themselves it is their intuition and they are not wrong.

While it may seem impossible to distinguish true intuition from the way a person wants to see things, it can be done: as long as a person isn’t too rigid about what they believe is intuition, and not intuition.

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