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These 6 Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected By The Black New Moon On July 31st

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by Conscious Reminder

The Black Super Moon on July 31st is designed to bring about major changes in the lives of several zodiacs. But it won’t be a bad sign for them- the ride may be full of emotions, but it would still allow them to progress.

To add sugar into the fray, Mercury would be out of its retrograde position, thereby allowing a much-needed emotional clarity to many, especially those who are already affected by the Black Super Moon.

It is the very presence of the new moon that is going to give us some much-needed emotional cleansing. With the focus on just materialistic career out of the picture, we would be able to focus on the subtle, trivial things in life which would come out in full glory. According to most astrologers, it is our zodiac personality which would help in influencing us to the level an astrological event can affect us.

Here are the 6 signs that would most likely get affected by the Black Super Moon:


This could possibly be the most important New Moon for you in the whole year. So, it is advisable that you think and take a big leap in the next then days that follow the New Moon. A lot of doors will open up for you at this point, and it is up to you to make sure you are utilizing the resources and opportunities at your disposal.


You will be flooded with the feeling of love. And honestly, there can be no purer love than the one found mostly around a New Moon. All you need to do is commit to a life of daring and risk taking if you are single. If you are dating, make sure to try something new. And if you are someone of a creative intellect, hold on. You will be able to put your ideas on paper.


Your professional career might take a leap forward unless you are horribly unprepared. So, update your resume and look out for options everywhere.


This period will all be about relationships for you. Try to not walk out of them and make sure you are holding on to them. And it doesn’t always need to be professional, it could be romantic too. All you need to do is not break relations out of ego or anger and you would be good to go.


What is the point in brimming with ideas if you don’t have a source to vent it out to? Well, this New Moon is going to give you that opportunity to explore your skills, and make sure that you learn newer ones. Also, spend time with friends and family, they will offer constructive criticism. Use them to nurture your creativity


Go out, make friends, and party hard. Update your social calendar and try to put in some effort to make new friends. Or reconnect with older ones. Maybe you can even go out on amazing adventures. The time is now, and the time is here, mon frère.

Have a great Black Super Moon ahead and utilize the opportunities laid down before you.

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