A Narcissist Can Never Give You What A Good Man Can!

by Conscious Reminder

What is a ‘Good man’? Simply speaking, he is someone, who would never let you down. Someone, you would feel lucky to be with. Someone, who would always put your well-being above his.

A good man is very different from a narcissist, for his character his deeply dug, enabling you to go well beyond his physical attributes. Being his partner isn’t a ravaging inferno in the forest; it is a calming, soothing sea breeze, on a moonlit night.

“All that glitters isn’t gold.” This is apt when you realize that narcissists ‘glitter’ when they first meet you. They would charm you of your feet, similar to Matthew Mcconaughey in Ghosts of Girlfriends’ Past. They only care about their own self-interests, and would leave you dry, when their own desires are fulfilled. Their care for you is restricted to the amount of time it takes for you to submit to their whims, and then they leave, leaving behind another broken heart.

But, why do YOU need a good man? The answer is pretty basic- you deserved to be respected and treated like someone special, and who better to do it than someone who has the following qualities?

1. A good man equates a good listener

He would always listen to you, regardless of his interest in that particular topic. He would listen, and listen attentively, because he considers you an equal, with an equal weight your words, which are to be respected. He might not agree with your words, but he would listen to them, and discuss them with you.

2. Modesty is his strongest suit.

A good man is modest to his core. His achievements matter a great deal to him, but he doesn’t believe in beating his own drum. He would rather focus on your achievements and be interested in yours.

3. A viable support system.

A good man would support you in your good times, as well as your bad times. He would not look out for his own skin, but would rather protect and support you, because he would know that a relationship can only work if one of them knows that the other would support her, no matter what. Even if he doesn’t like something, he would support her, as there is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’.

4. Always beg for forgiveness.

He would never shirk away from apologizing. One of the major differences between a narcissist and a good man is that a good man knows when he makes a mistake, and would willingly apologize for his mistake, but a narcissist would consider that as an insult. A good man knows his self-esteem wouldn’t go down due to an apology.

5. Wouldn’t be an emotional burden.

In a period, when emotional struggles are someone’s biggest fears, a good man would never burden someone emotionally. He would never draw on someone’s emotional strings, and never play with their feelings. He would always be in touch with his own sentiments, and emotions, never hesitating to voice them out, but also take care of yours.

A good man earns your trust. You willingly trust him. He would follow you to the jaws of hell, and would never let go of your trust, for that is one of his most cherished possessions.

There are a lot of other qualities that makes a man, ‘good’. Individually, every woman has her own criterion of what makes a man ‘good’. But, what is universal is the fact that a ‘good’ man would make sure you smile more than you cry, for you are his world.

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