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There Is Nothing Bad In Needing Companionship

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In the world of today, being alone is seen as a badge of honor.

There are thousands of articles being written about being alone and how it is okay to be alone and self-dependent. You are put up on a pedestal if you are ‘alone’ and seemingly happy.

But then, with this push towards being alone, have we taken it to a depressing limit? Of course, when we are together, we might seek validation, for comfort from others and that might sound pathetic.

It might even be toxic. But then, how is it a badge of pride to scorn connection and make it seem like the worst thing ever?

Humans have survived based on connections. If we were fighting with each other every day on an individual level – or if we kept to our individuality, then the human race would have been extinct a long time ago.

We crave love – we crave connection. It’s wired in our brain. But when we actively try to scorn it, we might force a smile on our faces but we cry within us.

It’s okay to want a connection. It’s okay to not desire aloneness. It does not mean that you are insecure and dependent on someone. No – it just means you are being human and responding to a human need.

Aloneness does not make us any bit inferior. In fact, it makes us smarter. It is quite easy to be alone. It’s limited by the comfort zone. Yes, while introspection and being self-dependent is important, it is equally important to match up with someone.

People can inspire us to be better than who we are. As an individual, we are limited. When we connect with someone, we start to realize the demons that we are facing. We also come across their demons too.

Our partners can show us our true selves and can help us improve on that. We need love and this love can support us – make us so much better than we already are. Matching up with people means you can afford to be vulnerable – you are willing to work on your vulnerabilities.

You put in efforts to stay together. You put in efforts to work on your insecurities. You partner up with your loved one and work together to uplift each other.

You break out of your comfort zone and start making a difference in your life and the life of another person.

It’s your courage that puts you ahead in the long run when you are connected with someone else. It’s an act of strength – it is a leap of faith. Many of us hide from others in our painful aloneness.

We don’t want to reveal ourselves for who we are. We shrink into excuses. And nowadays, with the internet, we can mark our ‘aloneness’ as a badge of honor.

And as we find more and more people becoming alone as a pride symbol, we too want to be so. We are not staying alone because of empowerment – we stay alone so that we don’t embarrass ourselves or seem pathetic.

But inside, we know that we can’t stay single forever. Inside we still crave human connections. And if you realize that, you are already brave.

You desire love and that’s ok. Recognize that and make an effort to open up to others. You won’t be alone for long.

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