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Love, Intimacy, Casual S*x, And Wasting Of Sexual Energy

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are many things causing pain on this earth and one of the biggest problems right now comes from people using sexual energy wrongly, more so when they unwittingly conceive a baby in the process.

Not only do the mother and father not have a powerful connection, they are not vibrating at the right frequency required to reincarnate a soul.

When their vibrations are full of love, the soul that is brought to the earth is truly blessed. But when lust is all that has brought the two to this stage, then the soul is brought to a womb which contains no love.

This is only worsened if the act was done due to the influence of liquor or drugs because this can cause negative entities to come into play.

But I think that we are beginning to consider the involvement of sexual energy in the act of conceiving and this will extend to use attempting to make this a holy rite that causes the energy released at the time of orgasm to deliberately summon a child allowing souls with intense vibrations to enter.

We will also no longer need to use artificial contraceptives as we will be able to prevent a soul from entering if the situation is not right

. The most fundamental part of this is the partners clearly deciding whether they wish for a child at that moment.

If they both have the same desires, it is good, but otherwise there will be instability. I experiences this when my partner and I became aware that a soul wish to reincarnate.

We were both having dreams about a baby, as were some of our friends.

Initially we were not sure what we wanted but soon enough we started to meditate in the hopes of communicating with that soul that we did not wish for it to enter. This worked and we no longer had those dreams.

I hope this article encourages you to read more about this concept. While it is practical and more spiritually inclined than others, it also has a much wider scope of which this article only presents a limited portion.

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