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Venus & Mars Alignment On Aug 24th: Creative Transformation Begins

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

On 24th August, Venus and Mars will align at 4 degrees of the sign Virgo. It will activate twin flame contacts, bring your soul mate within your zone and activate your creative side too.

This is a wonderful time to nurture yourself and your relationships. Feminine energy is represented by Venus. The Feminine energy lives inside us all and initiates the acts of flowing through something.

It is the whispers of our intuition, the slow release of our emotional side and the excitement of an explorer’s journey. The feminine energy appreciates everything beautiful – the music of the first raindrops and the twinkling stars in the dark night.

On the other hand, Mars represents the masculine side. While the feminine side focuses on the scattered beauty all around us, the masculine side helps us to organize our thoughts.

It’s about being rational and trying to piece together everything we experience in words. It’s about finding our place in this world. The Sun, the sky and also the pride in our accomplishments are accentuated by this energy.

Of course, the two sides work in cooperation with each other – like the yin and yang – balancing each other.

While both the energies of these planets are present in all of us, when they make a union, we tend to experience a resurgence of their energy. We undergo an awakening where we shift our previous attitudes towards creativity and relationships, towards our sexuality and relationships.

It generally happens every two years. The previous time it happened in Virgo was in 2015. If you recall the moments of November 2015, notice how you changed within.

Mars and Venus make sure that they can activate the twin flame contacts that you are destined for. They will bring a soulmate within your life too.

The manifestation can take place in the following ways:

  • Meeting a twin flame or soulmate
  • Entering a romantic relationship
  • Experiencing spiritual awakening due to a romantic partner
  • Ending relationships which are stifling us
  • A significant person will leave us compelling us to turn to a new chapter
  • An insight into the lives of our twin flame or soulmate
  • Wounds of twin flames or soulmates might reappear
  • More choices of a soulmate or a twin flame will come up on Earth.
  • Your definition of a soul mate or twin flame will start evolving.

With the alignment, your creative side will get a boost too.

The Sabian symbol for the 4-degrees of Virgo is that of a man who is dreaming about fairies. It shows about a time of fantasies when we can connect to our natural spirits.

Both planets are quire playful too. Natural spirits are those who look after the natural laws and are a bit mischievous and fun. They love children’s laughter and love to play hide and seek.

They represent the spirit side of elements and can show you the path towards a deeper realization. If you are ever walking down a ‘nature-filled’ area, try to spot the presence of nature spirits. Ask them to guide you and follow the signs. You might find something amazing.

For the planets, it is time to play and create with the help of the nature spirits. It tries to find the best way in the chaos. Remember, Mother Earth preserves the best balance between the masculine and the feminine energies.

It is our fault that we lost this balance. However, if you think you are tipped more on one side, then here are some of the ways in which you can balance it out from the other end:

Acquiring feminine energy:

  • Go for a yin yoga class
  • Take deep breaths
  • Listen to the intuition
  • Spending time near water
  • Charging crystal at night under the moon
  • Connecting with the different Moon phases
  • Trying exercises which opens the heart
  • Reading or writing poetry or writing fantasies
  • Eating vegetables or raw food but not animal products
  • Reflecting on yourself
  • Not looking at these kinds of the list and doing your own thing.

Acquiring Masculine energy:

  • Strength exercises, cardio or performing other vigorous exercises
  • Keeping a journal
  • Setting goals
  • Doing grounding exercises
  • Charging crystals in the day under the Sun
  • Spending time in nature and hiking
  • Being assertive
  • Meditating in the day under the sun with sunscreen
  • Doing word games
  • Eating spicy food
  • Spending quality time with your friends
  • Adopting an ‘I can do it’ attitude
  • Consulting such a list.

This alignment is a precious union, almost like the sperm fusing with the egg. Find your balance and creativity. The next one will be two years from now, in 2021.

Use it well.

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