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How To Discover Your Life Mantra

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by Conscious Reminder

Discovering your life mantra can be useful, when you realize it can determine the trajectory of your life.

As we all know, life can be a daunting prospect. It has its ups and downs, and navigating through this labyrinth, but it is worth it, in the end.

But, a life mantra can go a long way. To find it, one needs introspection as well as retrospection. Only then, can the perfect life mantra be found. It requires patience, and an indomitable will.

You can either find mantras that are passed on from generations to generations, or you can fashion something to your liking.

It should work, that is all. But where to begin?

1. Do you recall it?

A life mantra needs to be on the back of your mind, so you can always put it to the forefront, when it is needed. Keeping a complex life mantra would not only put you under a lot of stress of recalling it, it will also negate what a life mantra is supposed to do. For better results, try chanting it again and again the first few days, until you have it memorized. Remember to do it in private, or people would consider you crazy!

2. Does it hit the spot?

A life mantra needs to hit the sweet spot. It should just, you know, feel right. It should feel familiar, and something that you are comfortable with. This is one field, where you don’t go out of your comfort zone. It should be familiar, and apt to your situation, for which, you need to know what your situation is. You need to understand yourself first, to form your mantra.

3. Serenity is the key.

A life mantra is supposed to fill you with an overwhelming sense of serenity. It is supposed to make you calm, composed, and cool you down, instead of tensing you up. It is supposed to be a cool breeze on a hot day to your soul, and bring a sense of awareness that would make you focused, instead of something that would make you restless. A mantra is supposed to be peaceful. Something, that would make you stop and think about your life, and the decisions you take.

4. Does it represent something?

For the mantra to work, it needs to represent something. Any incident or anything that affects your life, in a very emotional way; something, that makes sense to you. Something that represents a deeply meaningful story, that only you can relate to. This is important, for this would impact straight to your heart. This will reverberate around in your mind, for you to realize its worth. Keeping something familiar as a mantra is useful as it helps you grow as a human.

These steps can help someone find their life mantra. But remember, what is most important, is a desire to find it in the first place. Otherwise, the action, as Joey Tribbiani would say, is a ‘moo’ point.

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