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The New Moon in Virgo Is the Perfect Time to Change & Get Your Life in Order

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by Conscious Reminder

What is your favorite autumn moment, and how do you welcome it?

Ironically, this is the gleaming season to usher in a new autumn clean. The old has gone, and the new has arrived. If you’re surrounded by Virgo muses, you’ll most likely pick up on their neurotic stylistic lens of hygiene and organization. But, alas, one thing cannot be denied: their natural talent for excellence. Madonna, Bella Hadid, Doja Cat, and Serena Williams are all Moon in Virgo muses, according to an astro data bank.

Consider the September 14/15 New Moon in Virgo as a window of opportunity to soak in crystal clear clarity through your pores. You can begin to define what true success looks and feels like to you by prioritizing new goals over long-standing ambitions. To get the creative juices flowing, ask yourself, “How is this goal serving the bigger picture of my future trajectory?” When you double down on the specifics, you’ll have the fuel you need to keep your eyes on the path without worrying about other people’s footsteps.   

Redefine your relationship with discipline

No one likes a Miss Trunchbull approach to discipline, and this New Moon in Virgo is the ideal time to rewrite your philosophy on how to shape discipline in your life with extreme caution to avoid falling into the lion’s den of the inner critic. We all deserve to be validated and restored after all of our solitude days of dedication. Be your own witness and applause by rewarding yourself with miniature treats for any task, no matter how minor. Remember that what matters most is that we arrive at our sacred work with an overflowing cup. Perhaps seeing our consistent practices as an act of self-devotion is the key to living a #softlife.

Once you’ve determined your goals and how you intend to achieve them, the key to staying on track is to optimize how you manage your energy output. It’s all too easy to get carried away with our to-do list in a culture that often normalizes burnout. Take some time to connect with your body and assess how you feel. Before you reach out to a friend or coworker, ask yourself, “Does your nervous system feel grounded and regulated?” Even including a disclaimer that you’ll get back to them within 48 hours can help us gauge whether we have the capacity to support them.

Sacrificing our health in pursuit of the golden goose does not have to be part of the agreement. Remember that your body is a creative vessel that speaks to us in loud but subtle ways. How can you provide a superior environment for your creative ideas to thrive in?

So, what practical changes can you make this New Moon in Virgo?

In season 2 of The Bear, the sign ‘every second counts’ rings true for this New Moon. Virgos are typically masters of micromanagement, and the first port of call is to alchemize a cluttered calendar into a clean one. It’s wonderful to have a solid foundation to work with as you feel a surge of energy to commit to your fever dreams. Use this New Moon to sort through your priorities and eliminate anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Cultivating a refined schedule can actually provide you with the mental space to make room for more exciting opportunities. Your time is your energy, and it is a non-renewable resource. Simply consider, “How would a (kinder) Wilhelmina Slater manage her diary?”

After you’ve taken control of your schedule, the next step is to organize your space, specifically your desk. I’m not sure about you, but my desk reflects how chaotically distracted my mind may be. As a result, having a clean and fresh space is the ideal canvas for taking action on my goals. Simple Feng Shui practices can instantly transform your home for little to no cost – and guess what? Everything can be signed and executed in less than a day. Feng Shui is a practice that aims to transform any negative ‘sha qi’ and welcome positive energy into your home.

The written word is a bond. And this New Moon in Virgo reinforces how much you value and respect keeping your word. However, if your boundaries are shaky, this can become a catch-22 situation. It is all too easy to associate our self-worth with our ability to be ‘seen’ as valuable. And we can see this by how much we overcommit to serving. Whether or not it is returned or even acknowledged. Consider a time when you overextended yourself to a project or person, and how exhausted you felt afterwards. Before you can help anyone else, make sure you feel cared for, warm, and considerate of yourself. But keep in mind that there is no shame in enjoying how you care for others; your intuitive touch is a work of art in and of itself.

After we’ve poured our hearts and souls into our intentions, the lingering question is determining how to define our success parameters. Comparison is the thief of joy, and it’s critical that your success isn’t contingent on how others perceive you. Allow yourself the space to collect your own data as you carve out new intentions to intuit when things are going well and when a potential pivot is required. This allows you to move forward with a grounded sense of inner security that protects you from pinning yourself to standards that will never be able to measure your truest points of growth.

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