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5 Powerful Healing Crystals To Ease Mental Illness

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people are struggling with some kind of mental illnesses in their lives, such a depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety or others. But, although there are numerous approaches used to cope with such illnesses, one which is not well-known is using crystals.

For ages, crystals were utilized in practicing spiritual work, healing or more. Each crystal is powerful enough to improve something, depending on what energies it emanates. Some of them even possess some properties which make them excellent when it comes to coping with different mental illnesses.

Here are the five crystals which are used as coping approaches for depression, unstable mood, and other mental problems:

1. Unakite

This stone is an excellent healing stone which those that suffer from constant fear, anxiety, worry, and paranoia can use. Moreover, unakite is very effective, and it works quickly when it comes to healing negative thoughts and feelings. 

2. Orange calcite

The orange calcite is considered to actually be the golden standard of stones used for mental health. This stone is not only known for battling against depression, but it will also combat fear or some additional negative emotions. Moreover, it may be utilized to deal with trauma and helps in the process of recuperation from nervous breakdowns.

3. Tiger’s eye

This is another wonderful crystal for different mental health problems. It may be utilized for battling against weak self-esteem and constant mood swings. This stone is well-known for the stabilizing power it has, which makes it a perfect companion for people that struggle with such mood swings on a daily basis.

4. Smokey quartz

This stone is an inexpensive one, which provides unbelievable healing powers which are used against depression. When you feel a bit frazzled, the Smokey quartz will work in order to ground the energy inside you and channel any extra energy which is in the chakras, meaning that it is eliminated from the body. The left energy will be only positive. Because of this, the quartz is an excellent stone to battle with anxiety and depression.

5. Amber

This is another beautiful stone when it comes to chasing the blues away. However, it is not just about this, but it may even fight against some seasonal affective disorders in which weather seasons may drastically affect the mood.

How to use the stones from above for healing purposes?

There are several different options. Here, we will cover the three most effective ones.

The first one is creating crystal grids. You can do this if you write down the intention you have in mind on paper. After that, set the paper to your side, and then grab some blank paper or white cloth. Use crystal quartz position for the stone that is energizing to be set right in the center.

Then, arrange the number of healing stones around this quartz point. Then, place the paper beneath this quartz point, holding the hands over these crystals. Tell your requests out loud and focus the intentions on these stones. Keep doing that until you are able to feel the intentions pouring in the stones. After that, leave up the grid for the time you think is needed.

The second option would be meditating with crystals while they are placed on the body. For improving mental health, you may typically put a stone on your third eye, then another over your heart, and the third one over your throat. Then, clear the mind, focusing on the crystals. Imagine how their energies flow through the chakras and heal you. You can meditate for the time you feel is necessary.

The third option will be just to carry your stone around, placed in a small healing pouch. A lot of people carry the pouches around the neck, but, you may simply put them in the pocket or purse.

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