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5 Cosmic Truths You Need To Know About Your ‘Destined’ Partner

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There is a belief among many people that each of us has a special someone destined to be our partner.

Even though this might sound like a children’s fairy tale, there might be something to the belief that we might have a destined someone.

Spiritual people speak of this destined partnership as Cosmic Marriage. They say that each soul has another soul destined to be together with.

However, even if there is some truth to this, it does not mean that everybody will find their soul partners.

There are some cosmic rules according to some spiritual teachings, that we must follow and live up to in order to attract them.

The thing is, by trying to become the best versions of ourselves, and by trying to follow these truths, we become such people that the partners we attract can’t be anything else but people who are our best fit.

So even if this is too much of a children’s fantasy, to have a predestined partner, by becoming a person who follows these cosmic guidelines the partner you attract will be your best fit.

5 Cosmic Truths You Need To Know About Your ‘Destined’ Partner

Whether or not a cosmic marriage is true, here are what you need to know:

1. Your soulmate has already been preselected.

Your soulmate and the people in your lifetime are part of great plan The Universe has for you.

You don’t need to wonder if you have a soulmate or worry where to find it, they are already predestined to meet you on this Earth. What you need to do is prepare yourself when they come.

And by being prepared, we mean to be yourself, to shine your own unique light so they can see YOU.

Your preselected soulmate is looking for YOU and they will not recognize you if you pretend to be someone else.

2. Your gut feeling will show you the way.

The best tool to use in finding your soulmate is your gut feeling.

When your soulmate is near you or is about to show up in your life, your gut feeling provides you with signs that could either be subtle or really obvious.

Hence, you should always be aware to notice the signs.

The signs that you might feel are:

– Unexplainable desire to be somewhere;

– Excitement;

– The feeling that you are on the right place;

– The urge to look good for no particular reason or event;

– Positive anxiety;

– A strange feeling that you know someone you haven’t met before;

– A feeling of ease and subtle confidence after making the right decision;

When you fail to follow what your gut feeling is telling you, you tend to settle down with someone who is not intended for you.

These results lead difficulties not as a punishment but as a defensive mechanism to tell you that you need to walk away.

3. You need to feel whole and authentic to yourself.

The cosmic marriage is your prophecy of love. Because it has been predestined, the union would bring bliss, fulfillment, and wholeness.

And this union is tasked to make you do things that the two of you can do only together.

Because both of you need to feel whole and in alignment with yourself, so you can meet, together you become a better version than any of you could have ever been on your own.

You do not complete each other because you are already whole, you add up to each other!

4. Learn the excellent lessons from your failed relationships.

Instead of wondering why the universe brings to your life those dreadful relationships, try to shift your focus on the lessons you learned from those relationships.

These lessons might be significant in preparing you to be emotionally stable once you meet your soulmate.

By gaining a sense of independence, you are raising your vibration. When you raise your vibration, your soulmate is likely to sense it.

Each of those lessons is guiding you toward your predestined partner.

5. Be patient.

Of the 7.5 billion people, only one is destined to bring you true love. If you want to believe in this, than it is reasonable to be patient for the exact same assumption.

Being in a relationship is not something you should rush into. Even if it is not one of a cosmic character, a relationship should be a natural step toward mutual growth.

It should not be something rushed for the sake of not being alone.

If it is a cosmic marriage that you are truly after, wait until your gut feeling startles you.

Do not be carried away by your fancy emotions. Trust the design of the universe and it will bring you to the doorsteps of your soulmate in the perfect time.

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