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This Is How The Virgo New Moon On August 30th Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

This Virgo New Moon is going to help you reassess your lifestyle and relationships and help you see if you need any changes in your life.

Be it professional or personal, it is going to affect you in every which way. Remember that this is the period to work your butt off.

A New Moon is all about rewards, but to get those rewards you need to put in the work at this point. Trust life and don’t get ahead of yourself. Everything need not be perfect, you know? Loosen up and relax life a little.

Here is how the Virgo Black Moon of 30th August would affect all the zodiacs.


Things are going to change for you in the next few months and you have to adapt to these changing situations. But don’t worry, for most of it would be to your benefit. Your routine might change, but you need to see it yourself. And, you would be getting something to tickle your fancy, but you do need to care about yourself.


The pressure of the Virgo Black Moon is there, but you would be able to deal with it. All you need to do is believe in yourself and do the needful. Also, romance is on the cards for you, so don’t put yourself up but actually dive into love while making sure you are avoiding conflict.


There might be possibilities of disagreements between you and your lover. These might be over something petty, so don’t explode without giving it much consideration. You might be in for some renovation or even a new home altogether if you decide to move in that direction. Overall, change is in the air.


You might form unlikely friendships with people. But those friendships will be exciting for you and you might actually find that helping you in your professional front. Be within nature and cool down your frayed nerves, and don’t snap at people for no reason.


This is all about finances for you. Don’t hold back and actually check up your options. Go and invest because the time is now, old man. Also, later during the month, you might come across lucrative new deals. Don’t be stupid and pass upon them.


You need to speak up else people won’t notice you anymore. You can’t simply be speaking to yourself and hoping people heard you. You need to go up to people and tell them what’s exactly on your mind. Also, you might get opportunities for something new. So before you jump into that, think about yourself for a moment. Cool down.


The love you were searching for has finally come to your doorstep. So don’t mess that up and actually enjoy the good luck at your disposal. When you find your head amidst the clouds of love, try serving humanity. Be charitable, it’s time to give back to society.


Be observant, for there is someone out there about to mesmerize you. Don’t fret for they will come in time. But if you already are in a loving relationship, then they might be the ones who you can call friends. Also, these allies will help you achieve your goals by actually telling you that they believe in you. You share common beliefs with them. Formulate goals and plans and see them succeed in due time.


Your professional life is going to get a shakedown. So all you need to do is go through with it, rather than fighting against it. For that won’t work. What you can do is simply accept it as a part of life. Also, you might want to think about a change in career, for that could be beneficial to you. Don’t put much stock into criticism.


You are either getting a friend, or a “friend with benefits”, your call. But you should also try to learn something new, which could put you out there, ahead of your game.


You and your finances are going to get through a complete upheaval. Go for a new wardrobe, a new hobby or even a new plan. As for your finances, the Universe is taking care of it. An inheritance here, an approved loan there, and you are set to go. Also, don’t fight your lover, will you?


You are in luck with your relationship and professional life is about to climb new heights. But don’t let that inflate your ego. Stay grounded, and work for even higher peaks. Your work isn’t done yet.

Have a happy and safe Black Moon ahead!

Art by Karol Bak

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