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March’s Second Full Moon Rises At 10˚ 44″ Libra: Not The Best Time To Rush Things

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by Conscious Reminder

The 31st March Blue Moon is also a Libra full moon. This means that the time for action is now here. No aspect of your life will remain untouched by the Libra Full Moon. Be it relationships, workplace or any other. The foundations on which you’ve built your life are up for a nice shake.

Libra is about straightforwardness. And therefore no diplomatic assertions, only all out action. The issues raised up during this time will not just be acknowledged; they will be acted upon. The whole cosmos is preparing itself to leap into action, as soon as it gets the signal.

And yet, the pressure is so intense that no great action will come naturally to you. In such a situation, the best one can do is to continue to strive every day. Taking one step at a time, no matter how small that step might be. And with time these persistent little steps will join together to form a bigger whole, which will help things take shape as you want them.

The axis between Aries and Libra is under the spotlight from the Full Moon. This means that focus will be on the individual and the individual’s relationship with the others. And for that, all your ties and relationships will be thrown into focus. You need to consider all the highs and lows of these relationships. The time for letting things is up. There have to be changes and it is up to you to make the changes wherever they are necessary.

Everything is under a lot of pressure. Our drive to do things, which is regulated by Mars, the order and structure of life regulated by Saturn and the established institutions of the society regulated by Capricorn, all three are in a conjunction, exactly at their mutual midpoint with the Full Moon. Such an arrangement is known as the t-square configuration and thus the need for action and movement that cannot be ignored.

Mars and Saturn together usually end up crossing each other out but not here. The drive to do something is equally boosted by the intellectual need to do so. There will have to be some changes, it is non-negotiable. They are also the planets most associated with time. And both of them being together is a clear indicator that the time is up on certain things. No more dilly-dallying on matters which are important.

You’d either have an incentive or you will witness a great shift which will force you to be a part of all this change.

Such a t-square was also seen in 2013. And the t-square of Uranus and Pluto back then brought about a lot many fundamental changes in how we perceive reality, social structures and our relationships. So now is the time for the next big dramatic shift that will change the way you have operated till now.

Your heart is ready for this change. In fact it has been wanted this change since long. Venus, the ruler of the matters of heart and relationships is also ruling the Libra Full Moon. And Venus and Mars are in a very collaborative partnership. Both are agreeing to and supplying the demands of each other.

Remember the importance of taking small steps but being persistent. This is needed because the Mercury retrograde in Aries is in conjunction with the Sun. This means there might be a lot of miscommunications and misinterpreted intentions. So it is best not to rush into things and instead take them one at a time. Slowly, yet surely.

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