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These 10 Crystals Will Help You Develop Your Intuition

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by Conscious Reminder

We all know what intuition is, but not every one of us knows how that intuition can be enhanced. 

Here, we will focus on how our high intuitive sense can be enhanced and developed so that we can enable our inner campus “our intuition, and begin using it in more efficient ways.

We can achieve this particular objective in many ways; however, here we are going to focus on how we may develop and strengthen our intuition with the use of the natural gifts of Mother Earth, which are crystals.

Gemstones and crystals are amazing tools for developing our intuition. We can choose whatever crystal we want, as their number is huge.

Here are the ten crystals which are going to help us in trusting our intuition, developing a more powerful intuitive sense, and also developing the capacity of connecting with the spiritual world:


A lot of people love this gemstone because of its versatile uses. This crystal works harmonically with the bodies of human beings as of its natural composition, which is the silicon dioxide or the chemical compound which attracts positive energies and encourages clear and open communication. When we have to develop our intuition, we have to receive clear communication coming from our inner self so that this crystal will be the most appropriate for this.


This is a calming, soothing and generous gemstone. The connection it has with water will make it an excellent tool for the development of clarity, intuition, and communication. The ability of this crystal to quiet our minds during meditation will make it a quite powerful crystal in order to develop our intuition, and permitting the speaking of our inner truth.


This stone is well-known because of its healing qualities and protection. However, we can also activate our Crown Chakra or enhance our intuition. Most of the users of this stone will experience enhanced psychic visions, meditation experiences, and accurate hunches.


This is a gentle blue stone, which has an uplifting vibration, utilized to develop our psychic abilities, or also to contact our angels, guardian angels, and spirit guides. We can use it during meditation in order to deepen our meditative state, the one in which communication with spiritual realms happens. 

Moss Agate

This is a mossy green stone which is healing and beautiful. It will be the perfect one for creating a balance between our right and left brain hemisphere. When we have our brain balance, our inner wisdom will also shine. It even instills perseverance and courage and relieves us of stress and anxiety.


This is a rich green crystal, and also a protective stone which amplifies the positive energies and absorbs the negative ones, leaving us grounded and also in tune with our inner sense. This stone is also excellent for enhancing our intuition, and also for developing our spiritual insights and our capacity to recognize or clear negative events from the past.


This crystal is utilized to develop our insights, intellect, and intuition. It is a dark-blue crystal which has high vibrational frequencies which resonate with our third-eye chakra, also called Ajna. This chakra is actually the center of our intuition, so the best way to develop and enhance that center will be using a crystal which resonates with this chakra.


When we should clean and open all the seven chakras in our body, this stone will be a perfect choice. This stone is said to be the one of magic as it is able to clear and then open our chakra system that is the one which awakens our intuitive sense, together with our psychic powers.


This is another excellent stone for grounding, as it balances the main chakra and even connects it to Mother Gaia and the earth star chakra. Connecting with Mother Gaia will give us the ability to cultivate an open-minded and growth outlook on our lives. This stone is also full of magnetic vibrations which help us attract what we want the most in our life.

Blue Kyanite

The Blue Kyanite stone is excellent for beginners that just started using stones in order to develop their psychic and spiritual abilities. This stone is excellent for use during meditation or relaxation, in order to quiet our mind and permit our inner wisdom to speak.

However, how can we use these crystals for intuition development?

We should hold one crystal of our choice in our hands during meditating, imagining, or merely sitting quietly somewhere about ten to twenty minutes. Another way would be to lay down flat on our back and place one crystal on our third-eye chakra for ten to twenty minutes.

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