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Full Blue Moon, March 31st, 2018 — Wicked Energies In Combination With Mercury Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

The Blue Full Moon this year is on the 31st March, and part of a really dramatic astrological month, as it sees the Moon make a T-Square to Mars, which is in Saturn’s way, and they are straight in line with two witchy dark stars. 

Gienah (The Crow) and Porrima, the psychic star which is in Virgo are the two stars. There is a possibility that the Moon will cast a bad spell because this Blue Full Moon (called so because it is the second full moon) is located right opposite a Mercury Retrograde.

The Fixed Stars

Porrima, one of the fixed stars, named after an ancient God of prophecy, used to assist Carmentis, who is known to be the Roman goddess of childbirth.

Gienah, the other fixed star, is part of the constellation of the Crow, known as the Corus. The story of this constellation holds special importance in this story. There are two stories associated with this constellation. First that Apollo had asked the Raven to fetch some water in a cup but in its own greed to feast on some eggs he had left the water behind and the second one that Apollo had asked the bird to look after his pregnant lover Coronis, who the raven found to be having an affair with someone else and when it reported so to Apollo, it was cursed in anger and ended up black in colour, from its previous silver.

March Astrology: Full Moon

The Mercury Full Moon is a time for a lot of things. It will create a situation of conflict between the mind and the heart. This conflict will give rise to productivity and creativity but it will come and go, much like waves in the sea. The Mars Full Moon is different. It will so happen that you will feel the need to be competitive, and will find your libido to be on an all time high. Moon square Saturn will make you grow up rather quickly but the inside will stay childish and sensitive. This childishness gives way to a sort of a fragility, which might manifest itself in the form of seasonal depression or physical illness.

The most important feature, however, will be the T-Square with Mars and Saturn. It is time to let our denial go, wear our big-girl/boy pants on and recognise when we are lied to, instead of believing everything that has been or is being told to us.

The meaning of the Full Moon

The Full Moon is the time when we let go of all the negativity or everything that is not good for us to truly find peace and happiness. Keeping this in mind, one must always remember that just like it is easy to let of the things we dislike during a Full Moon, it is also easy for bad things to enter into our lives, so we must be careful. It is also a good time for an exorcism, provided we know what we are doing and are in complete control.

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