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Mars Squares Jupiter: 3 Zodiac Signs Will Take Love To A Whole New Level

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by Conscious Reminder

We want things to happen, and we are motivated by fantasies of great success.

On May 23, 2023, three zodiac signs take their love to a whole new level as Mars transits Jupiter.

The transit known as Mars square Jupiter has a desperate feel to it, as we are all very energetic and focused during this time. If we have something in mind, Mars square Jupiter magnifies it, making it the most important thing in our lives.

What if we’re thinking about love? Then there’s Mars square. Jupiter makes love something we must strive for. It isn’t just about the love. It’s about where that love needs to go because this transit will push us so hard on May 23 that we’ll do nothing less than take our love lives to a whole new level.

On Mars 23, during the Mars square Jupiter transit, three zodiac signs will take love to a whole new level.

If we need to make changes in our romantic lives, they will be made on this day. And by ‘change,’ we don’t mean anything trivial or insignificant. We’re talking about big changes and big results. Mars in opposition Jupiter is a results-oriented transit, and we anticipate significant change and renewal. How do we realize such lofty goals? We set our sights on success and go for it.

This means that communication is active. Emotions are being expressed. When it comes to playing the lover, it’s all green lights; no backseat drivers today. Today, May 23, is all about taking action and making an effort. If we want something to happen, we must channel the Mars square Jupiter energy.

Taking it to the next level isn’t all about sweet talk and laziness. It’s about imagining the future. It’s about channeling your inner warrior for the benefit of your relationship. If things get heated and an argument breaks out, that’s fine. We have to get through it to get to it, and with Jupiter’s precision and focus, there is nothing these three zodiac signs can’t accomplish during this transit, at this time. It’s time to get serious, people. Let’s make big, bold changes.

Let’s get started.

Three zodiac signs who take love to a whole new level on May 23, 2023: 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You will never, ever let something come between you and your romantic partner at this point in your life, and you know how life is… always tempting the fates. On May 23, you’ll notice how those fates almost seem to want to get in the way, indicating that it’s time to act. Whatever is going on in your relationship, you are NOT the person to mess with, and during the transit of Mars square Jupiter, you will present your loved one with the idea of doing something drastic in the hopes that they will follow your line of thought.

They will, Taurus, and that is when things will begin to improve. It may be up to you to devise the strategy, but you’re good at it, and you believe that the two of you need to take it all to the next level. Better communication, a few solid “relationship laws,” and the idea that trust is something neither of you will break.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

You are all about high-level thinking in your romantic relationship because you aren’t the type to settle for ‘whatever you get.’ You are the type of romantic partner who requires more and more as time passes, and you would not waste time with anyone who cannot think logically.

The transit of Mars square will help you on May 23. Jupiter will inspire you to think outside the box, and because you feel safe and secure with the person you are with, you can trust that they will go all out for whatever you suggest. The future does not only look promising for the two of you. It appears to be sturdy. You built this city on trust; now you must take that trust to a whole new level.

You’re doing the right thing; follow your heart, Scorpio.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

A ‘whole new level’ of love means that whatever happens today, May 23, will be about brutal honesty and a plan to make honesty and openness your new way of life with your romantic partner. You’d rather know the truth than live in a pleasant lie, and you feel like you’ve spent far too much time ‘not saying certain things’ or accepting your partner’s silence.

There is no such thing as silence during Mars square Jupiter, especially when it comes to developing a strong love relationship. Either ‘out with it’ or forget it. You need to know what’s going on in your partner’s head because you care about them, and if they’re keeping something from you, it won’t work. Today is the day you implement the transparency policy and make radical changes. This is your ‘whole new level,’ and if your partner agrees, you’ll be a huge success.

Best wishes!

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