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Introspection: Becoming The Observer

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by Conscious Reminder

We are governed by our emotions. They guide us, take us down a path which can either be filled with sweet scented roses, or deep, dark caverns.

They are the spirits that control us, for we are a slave to our emotions, our feelings and sentiments. At times, they seem to make living easier, much more joyous. But on the other hand, they sometimes make us want to kill ourselves.

Sometimes, we are rife with euphoria, whereas sometimes we are burdened with an existential dilemma. What to do?

Just like Charles Baudelaire’s “Observer”, who is a person in the crowd, forever observing humanity as it transcends and traverses through space and time, an ‘observer’ of emotions, would only look towards the negative emotions with a critical eye, and then let it slip, without trying to engulf it in his midst.

Not the positive, heartfelt emotions, mind you. Joy, Elation, Happiness, all synonyms, would help us, enamor us with joyous rush coursing through our veins.

But the negative emotions would make sure that even the path from the bathroom to the bedroom makes us cower under our bed sheets.

How does it work, though? The process, albeit simple, takes a lot of time to gain expertise on. It involves introspections unto oneself. You need to understand what you are, before who you are. Identifying what makes you happy, and what doesn’t and then letting it hit you, only for you to work on the negative aspects of it, allowing your previous mistakes to give you experience to battle new demons. Simply put, you have to let the depressing emotions slip by you. You need to acknowledge their presence, acknowledge their importance in making you a human, but declining to feel them. You need to let them go, and concentrate on being happy.

As King Solomon once said, you need to think that ‘this too, shall pass’.

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