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Today Expect A Massive Shift Of Energy Brought By The Taurus New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

New Moons might not be physically filling up the sky with new light, but they do bring light in a different context.

New Moons are associated with the energy which brings about changes and starts something afresh. This time the New Moon is going to take place in the sign of Taurus. As it is with New Moons, it is a good time to start working upon something that you’ve wanted to pursue for a long time.

But there are other events taking place in the skies simultaneously and you need to take them into account while making your plans.

The date of the New Moon is 15th of May. As mentioned above, it would bring with it an energy that facilitates renewal. Being in Taurus, a sign that has its fair share of association with the matters of aesthetics, this renewal energy might be directed at rejuvenating your appearance.

A relaxing spa treatment sounds about right with this vibe. Other than your body, this is also a good time to take care of your spiritual self. The energy of the New Moon is great for doing something new for the sake of your spiritual well being as well. It could be something tangible and physical such as planting a garden which will soothe your spirit.

At the same time, you are creating something which is substantial and of importance. If not a garden, it could also be a project that you have been meaning to undertake since quite a long time. This would also count as creating something new and substantial, because its relevance to you is just as important.

There is no better time than a New Moon to kick-start your dreams.

This particular New Moon is important in other aspects as well. Its energy will have a longer effect which can be felt long after the 15th of May. This is not such a bad thing. This energy, intense as it might be, is essentially one of renewal and positivity. So try making the best use of it.

There is going to be a lot of positive energy around; so learn to appreciate it and harness it to the best of your interests. The involvement of Taurus also means that this New Moon will definitely have a financial element to it. This is because Taurus governs money matters and hence fiscal issues will come into play.

This month’s New Moon makes a positive aspect to Pluto which is moving into Capricorn. This trine makes for an approximately 3° wider aspect of the new moon. This might be the exact thing we need to give us a leg up in the matters of control, love, power and passion. If we work through this time we will be able to better our lives.

All we need to do is stay focused on our goals. And these goals too should be long term, which should involve changes which will last, instead of short time quick fixes. We will feel a natural self assertion and it will give us the power to bring to life many changes which we have so far only imagined.

Another thing to be noticed is that after 84 years, Uranus is transitioning into Taurus where it will remain for the next 8 years.

These two represents opposing values, where Taurus craves stability, Uranus is eager for change. Thus the initial period might be a bit difficult to process as each tries to enforce its own values before eventually adjusting.

There will be changes as Uranus wants, but they won’t be pleasant (initially) or easy; thanks to Taurus. To survive this phase we need to have faith in our own capabilities.

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