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10 Reasons That Eventually Make People Get A Divorce

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It is human to make mistakes. We err every single day and learn from those. But, there are some mistakes in a relationship that no one can recover from.

These are mistakes that you ought to think ‘is it worth losing my relationship over’ before you do it. But ultimately, it leads to divorce.

Here are 10 such mistakes that lead people to divorce.

1. No Physical Intimacy

Although being physical isn’t the only thing that the relationship needs, it is still a very important part of a relationship. The lesser and lesser you two sleep together, the more it signifies a lack of passion. And that is your cue into infidelity.

2. Too Much at Ease

Might seem confusing, but the more comfortable you get in a relationship, the more you stop trying to work for it. In the end, you take them for granted, and then s**t hits the fan.

3. Financial Trouble

Money might not be a very important part of a relationship, but it gets importance when you are unable to pay your bills. And if your partner is someone who likes to spend a lot on credit cards and stuff, the relationship is doomed to failure.

4. Lack Of Respect

Lack of respect is easily one of the worst things in a relationship. The more you disrespect your partner, the more you distance yourself from them. And you know what happens in the second episode of ‘How I Treated My Wife Like C**p’.

5. Dependent

If you are too dependent on your partner to the point they become your oxygen, you are in trouble. The relationship becomes clingy, boring and toxic, and you lose your own identity in the process. You are a wholly different person, but if you can’t survive separation for even a couple of hours, your relationship will definitely fail.

6. Just Sex

Again, both sides need to be balanced. You can’t simply have sex without any real feeling or connection. Lust is fine, as long as it is with love. Else, it just becomes monotonous.

7. No Fighting

Another doozy. But true. If your partner and you never fight, chances are you simply let your issues get time in the air to come up worse later. Or, you are never really that connected to your partner to care about having a fight. We don’t need to tell you that this is not a good sign.

8. Expectations

Don’t over expect from anyone, even if it is your partner. They are human, so keep your expectations to a minimum. The more you expect, the less they would fulfill. And that would lead to frustrations and disaster.

9. No Evolution

You need to evolve as human beings constantly. Change is a part of nature, and if you don’t change, you are doomed to failure. The moment your relationship fails to change due to the inability of one partner, it will go down the drain.

10. Too Many Cooks…

You know the proverb- Too many cooks spoil the broth. If you add too many people into your relationship whose words and opinions about your relationship are exactly as important as your own or your partner’s, you are giving others a chance to dictate your relationship. And that almost always spells doom.

Now that you know some of the reasons or mistakes that lead couples to break up, you should stop making them. Some couples do recover from the disaster, but their relationship is never the same anymore.

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