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Astro Forecast For November 2018: No Holding Back

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

At the moment when you think that life cannot become any stranger, it becomes. Together with that also come the gear shifts, as well as course correction which are the bounty of November.

Still, what is the sound from a background which grows even louder? It is Bob Marley signing, “Every little thing gonna be all right.”

The astrological forecast of November in this year starts with edginess, as well as simplicity about relationships and what people desire, and the push for going after that comes what could.

The thing that happens after is the euphoric sensation of relation with elevated inspiration, divine and everything which is – or perhaps strangeness upon strangeness – or only being completely trapped. Just at the time of the US Election Day, the 6th of November.

Perhaps machines are going to be hacked once more. Perhaps the results from the voting are not going to display the real votes cast at all. Perhaps nigh-on angelic interference falls and covers the way for the ditty of Marley.

The first gear shift of November will come on that day, with the expectation of course correction in the transport too. The planet Uranus will make a radical change as it will be in retrograde from 0 Taurus to 29 Arias, in that way activating the bumps of mid-May when he moved from the sign of Aries in the sign of Taurus.

Also, there will be a New Moon in the sign of Scorpio, occurring on the 7th of November, which will partner with Neptune – the illusionist. The New Moon will facilitate some deep structural changes, as well as personal development if we get involved. Their implementation comes quickly on the 11th of November.

The following shift will be on the 9th of November. During this period, the planet Jupiter will shift in the sign of Sagittarius, which is its home sign, happening for the first time in 12 years period – it will turn to broaden, elevated spirits, hopefulness, as well as laughter up to the 11th.

The atmosphere will be vibrant, with the planets Mars and Venus partnering on the 9th of November. It is quite effortless to follow what we desire, having a light hand, as well as with tasteful words. Relationships will also climb on a higher gear.

On the 15th of November, at the time prior the cosmic hero leaves the signs of Aquarius, one door will open to some new advances and great action when the planet Mars sextiles the planet Uranus, diving into the unclear and self-connected waters of the sign of Pisces.

On the 16th of November, the planet Venus will complete her retrograde lasting six weeks, and after it, Mercury will go retrograde immediately.

In fact, the retrograde of Mercury will go on until the 6th of December, and it will be from the middle of Sagittarius to the end of the sign of Scorpio.

The retrograde of Venus arrives on the 17th of November, bringing breakthroughs in attitudes and situations. On the 19th of November, the actions will go in overdrive.

On Thanksgiving Day, the 22nd of November, the sun will begin its annual route through the sign of Sagittarius, and Saturn and Venus are going to make a relationship which adds caution, as well as restriction and a big helping of commitment.

There will also be a Gemini Full Moon teaming with Mercury and Jupiter too. On the 26th of November, the Sun will meet Jupiter, and their partnering coincides with some demands to follow your words with action, as well as walk your talk. On the 27th, Jupiter will be joined by Mars in a super-conjunction.

As a result of all this, relationships will flourish.

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